From courtside in Salem

While the rest of the world is preoccupied with some big-money games tipping off momentarily, I’m one of three people sitting courtside at the moment at the Salem Civic Center, watching Guilford practice in preparation for tomorrow night’s semifinals.

Lots of things going on here today — I have to run out and get an important piece of (forgotten, of course) equipment, then get back here for the Jostens Trophy ceremony, where Jimmy Bartolotta and Melanie Auguste will each get their hardware.

Wash U practices next, at 1:30 ET.

I won’t get to see too much of Guilford’s practice, but Dave McHugh and Rick Seidel from our broadcast team have both seen them multiple times, so we’re in good hands.

2 thoughts on “From courtside in Salem

  1. So they really are going to play the games? I thought the NCAA would just mail the trophy to St. Louis to save on travel reimbursement. Roop and I cancelled our driving trip to Salem on that tip from Sager. Damn.

  2. Not a lot of news courtside, other than from Richard Stockton, where Kai Massaquoi had his knee elevated and on ice after practice. If you were hoping Isham Poe was going to be able to come back after his injury last weekend, no dice, he’s on crutches.

    F&M looks like a typical Glenn Robinson team: fundamentally sound, etc. They were practicing some end-of-game scenarios. Stockton was working on its 1-2-2 zone quite a bit. Wash U guard Sean Wallis came over and told us how important it was to get used to the shooting angles and site lines once again. Wash U actually has as much experience on this floor the past couple of years as Guilford, since Guilford went one-and-out in the ODAC tournament.

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