Couldn’t have said it better

Mike DiMauro of The(New London, Conn.) Day authored a very nice piece on why Division III basketball matters, mentioning some players at this level from a high school conference based in Eastern Connecticut.

The article is a good, quick read by someone who understands what makes Division III special:

“Here’s the best part: [the players] will earn college degrees that will get them virtually any jobs they want, except playing for the Celtics. They are the NCAA commercial, among the 380,000 who will go pro in something other than sports.”

He goes on write:

“This is merely a message for all Division III athletes and especially their parents, that there is ample nobility and significance to the games.

Just because you can’t see them on television doesn’t mean they mean less. They still count.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself…though I might have a different perspective on those Conn College teams that ousted my beloved Trinity Bants from the tournament.

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