Turning back the clock

I’m looking forward to another new experiences, and perhaps reliving an old one this weekend.

Unlike basically all of the other D3hoops.com regulars, I have never been to NYU’s Coles Center. The five-hour trip from the D.C. area always seemed like a waste when Mark Simon could come down from Connecticut, Ray Martel from Long Island, John McGraw from upstate New York or Gordon Mann from Philadelphia (or Binghamton, previously).

So when Wash U swept all comers this weekend to set up this showdown at NYU this Friday, let’s just say I can’t wait.

I was sitting at home listening in 2001 when Ray and Gordon called a women’s game between the two, won by Dari Magyar on the Miracle in Manhattan shot (audio). While it would be nice if history repeated itself, I’m just looking forward to the spectacle. NYU has drawn pretty well this season and has a promotional program in play that should help pack the Coles Center again.

I’ll only be getting one new team to scratch off my list that night — I’ve never seen the NYU men — but it should be a fun night.

Meanwhile, there’s been some whining (from fans of teams not based in St. Louis) about Wash U’s meteoric rise in the Top 25. I would suggest that they were underrated last week after dismantling Rochester and should’ve been higher in the Week 8 poll. Three wins in a row against ranked teams tends to suggest that one should be ranked.

Just my $.02. I don’t think they should be getting a No. 1 vote without winning their two games this weekend, but I only get one of the 25 ballots. 🙂