Rebuilding Hoopsville’s Studio

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and basketball off-season. As I write this, I realize we are four months away from the ’14-’15 season tipping off, so no better time then the present to start preparing.

Thanks to over a hundred generous contributors, the Hoopsville Fundraising Project was a major success four months ago. Part of that project was to improve how we do the show along with getting opportunities to take the show, or at least ourselves, on the road to visit Division III schools and teams around the country.

The first part of that is certainly the most important. We want to always improve how people get to enjoy Hoopsville and how we can interact with fans and interview our guests. We always intended to tweak our studio as a result, but thanks to a broken water pipe, those plans were both delayed for several months and changed drastically on the execution side. (For those of you who don’t know, Hoopsville is produced in my basement office – which I share with my wife – thus leaving us some limitations.)

The former Hoopsville studio circa 2014.

The former Hoopsville studio circa 2013.

We are now in the rebuilding stage and that’s when we had a great thought: why not solicit ideas from those who enjoy the show! We have rearranged the studio to give us a bit more room, but we thought we can at least do some things to dress up studio a little bit more. For those of you who haven’t noticed, we normally throw up a Hoopsville or NCAA Basketball banner behind us with a few odd and ends behind us as well and call it good. However, that’s boring and with the ability to dress things up with a semi-clean slate, why not do a little more?

Some of the ideas we have are hanging some of the t-shirts we have collected over the years from different basketball programs around the country (something we could change each show or week), display hats we may have as well, hang up signs like our “Road to Salem” one we collected recently, maybe even get a picture or two to make things more interesting. Most of what we do in the background will stay there for all shows, but we can change some others around for each show we do.

So, what are your ideas? What do you think would make the Hoopsville studio more interesting to see behind us? Do you know of anything we might be able to get our hands on to put behind us? All ideas are welcome, just share them in the comments section down below or on Twitter (@d3hoopsville and #Hoopsville) or Facebook (

Thank you and we will look forward to hearing your ideas and showing you the revamped studio in November (or beforehand… stay tuned for another show idea in the works).

Dave McHugh
Creator and Host, Hoopsville