Podcast: Finally, some upsets

Deion Jones had two of UW-Stevens Point's four interceptions in Saturday's win. (Photo by Jack McLaughlin)

Deion Jones had two of UW-Stevens Point’s four interceptions in Saturday’s win. (Photo by Jack McLaughlin)

They’re probably not too upset in Stevens Point, Wis., or Collegeville, Minn., but it’s always good to have something to analyze and talk about. The MIAC race is just getting started and the WIAC hasn’t even started yet but this week’s results already have us rethinking the expectations.

Meanwhile, game balls were handed out, and Pat and Keith look over all the crazy stats and all the scheduled games, even if they didn’t get played.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast: Finally, some upsets

  1. In the “looking ahead to next week” section I was surprised that you guys didn’t say much about this being the last week that Wesley plays a D3 competitor. Keith mentioned that they play Louisiana College this coming week comparing them to Concordia Moorehead, but that was it. Provided they win against Louisiana College they’ll end up 4 and 0 in D3, plus the win against new comer Southern Virginia which doesn’t really count. I seem to recall hearing you say earlier that this would be their last year as an independent. They have an USCAA, a NAIA, two independents and a FCS/1 FBS team to play to finish out their season. My question to you guys, to stir the pot a little early, can a team that is only 4 and 0 at the end of the year against D3 schools really stay ranked as high as they are as the year wears on? We all know that their wins and losses will help those that have a say in the top 25 rankings. But at what point, if ever, does the number of games against D3 opponents become a deciding factor in determining a team’s rankings?

  2. Not for nothing, but how cool was the visual of the St Johns and St Thomas game!? 12,000 people – I am an E8 homer and see the world through Cardinal Colored Glasses (SJF), but for a few years now have thought the MIAC might be the best conference – and it has showed the last couple of years with some truly great games and this past week’s game between J & T I think presented the conference and D3 in a very positive light – Kudos!

  3. @Art,
    That’s one of the reasons Wesley plays the D-III teams they play. Thomas More, Rowan, LC and Salisbury are all capable of being at the top of their conferences, and that’s about how many games against pretty good teams that many teams with full-conference obligations play. It’s not that odd a comparison. Top 25 voters can generally disregard outcomes against Concordia-Selma same as they can disregard the result against Marietta. (There aren’t too many of those in MIAC country, as you know) And as weird as the VUL and College of Faith games may be, the FCS game against Charlotte might actually help them in the pollsters’ eyes.

    I think because it’s Wesley and we generally know they belong in the top 25, it makes it easier to gauge than if, say, Univ. of Chicago were playing teams we’d never heard of. Also, there’ll be a residual bump if Thomas More, LC, Rowan and Salisbury do well. Me personally, I’ve seen the Wolverines play this year, and it looks like they’re every bit as good as the handful of teams they’ve had which have made it to the national semis.

    @middlerelief, having been to some big Empire 8 clashes and a Tommie-Johnnie game before St. John’s got good again, I’d say the only things in NY that compare would be Cortaca Jug or Dutchman’s Shoes. If you can ever get to a Tommie-Johnnie game (or Monon Bell, or Secretaries’ Cup or Amherst-Williams or R-MC/H-SC), do not hesitate. It’s one of the coolest things in college football you’ll ever see.

  4. I just can’t believe how well Gustavus Adolphus is playing. I know they played some easier opponents but I think they could be in the hunt for a playoff bid. Concordia-Moorhead, St. Thomas, Bethel, and St. Johns are all ranked and I believe Gustavus Adolphus is just on the outside. It should be an exciting rest of the season

  5. grantbethelmn, I agree. The MIAC will have interesting games every week. Next weekend the Cobbers come calling at Bethel, what a great game that should be! Both teams like to play a rugged style but I think Bethel plays it a little bit better. I’m really looking forward to that game!

  6. For me, Wesley can only improve their positioning if Mount Union and/or Whitewater stumble. I basically have Wesley and Mount Union even, with the edge going to Mount Union because of the head to head result last year. Yeah, I know its last year but I don’t really have much else to go on as far as common opponents. Its also the reason I have Whitewater in the top spot. King of the hill, if you will. But if the Wolverines go undefeated against D3 programs — they’ve done all they can do. You can penalize those kids for having to play a FCS team because other programs won’t schedule Wesley.

    I can’t wait to see what they do in conference play next year and what teams do to adapt to having to play Wesley. It will improve an already strong group, IMO.

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