ATN podcast: Implications already

Good week of games, Week 1, right?

Well, yes and no. We had some good games, especially with Willamette and UW-Stevens Point stepping up to the challenge and playing each other in a key early-season game, even though the NCAA last year made it clear such scheduling would not be rewarded.

Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman also talk about the interesting quarterback situations at Wesley and St. Thomas, two would-be national title contenders. They give their take on which conferences had particularly bad first weekends, congratulate a team that well outdid expectations (No. 219 beating No. 154), and a couple teams that almost did as well.

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One thought on “ATN podcast: Implications already

  1. Willamette has a key in-region win. That win might be enough to give them a Pool C bid, if they have an in-region record of 6-2 (losses to HSU and Linfield).

    Another in-region game that is on the radar this weekend is W&J at Del Valley. Del Valley already has a win, and W&J goes to President AC foe, and defending champion TMC on the 25th.

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