Game Day: Too good to leave

Back in the early days of, I would be forced to stick close to home. Version 1 of the site could only be updated with the right software, and the scoreboard was all manual. Scores came in via email. I would post them on the site.

If I were on the road, I might be able to get my wife to check scores a couple of times. Sometimes I would painstakingly dictate updates to the front page to her so she could upload them. But as you might expect, that wasn’t very popular.

Those days are long gone. The system has been upgraded, now twice. I could update the site from a cellphone if I needed to. But there are too many good games that it only makes sense for me to stay home and work the desk this Saturday.

Too many games to count, too many screens to follow, and probably too much caffeine by the time it’s all said and done.

There are the three games between Top 25 teams — that’s obvious. Wittenberg faces Allegheny at 11 a.m. my time, on DirecTV channel 659. (This is why I have the Sports Pack, right?) Springfield and Alfred face off, Hampden-Sydney faces Salisbury, etc., etc.

Let us know what you’re following and what you’re seeing on game day here in Week 4.