ATN Podcast 313: All about the No. 1 votes

Well, folks, Keith McMillan has had enough, and after 30 or so podcasts on the sidelines, with Greg Thomas co-hosting, he’s back and ready to throw down. Ready to throw down about the Top 25 poll, that is. Keith couldn’t understand why anyone would be voting for Mount Union No. 1 considering all the high-quality opponents other teams have played in 2022.

So, once we dispense with the big games between UW-Whitewater and UW-La Crosse, and North Central and Wheaton, it’s a deep dive into the top five. Keith makes his case, Pat makes his, and occasionally Greg gets a word in edgewise. Seriously, though, these are good questions — in a year where so many highly ranked teams have played top-flight competition, who really has Mount Union played, and why is Pat voting for them?

Thiel snapped its 41-game losing streak on Saturday, the fourth-longest losing streak in NCAA Division III history. We chat with coach Sam Bauman about the Tomcats’ win, the calls he has gotten from fans and alumni, and his hopes for this program, which he took over as head coach. He’s our guest for our Fast Five.

In addition, Pat and Greg hand out game balls, spotlight two interesting things from each of Division III football’s six regions (as always), such as Plymouth State’s unexpected hot start, two Homecoming crowds that went home happy, plus more. There’s a list in small type at the bottom of this page of all the teams that are talked about.

Fan question in our mailbag from Ryan Bielat @rjbielat: Do you ever tire of being asked, “Why isn’t XYZ ranked higher?” You’d think more people would realize that teams exist beyond the sphere of their conference.

Pat Coleman and Greg Thomas talk about it all in the latest Around the Nation Podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation covering the wide range of Division III football.

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