ATN Podcast 315: Lookin’ alive in the 5

We talk about all six regions, multiple times, in each Around the Nation podcast, For example, this week, who’s lookin’ alive in Region 5?

Ripon is lookin’ quite alive as the Redhawks remain unbeaten here in what coach Ron Ernst has announced is his final season. The team is tied for first in the Midwest Conference after knocking off Lake Forest on Saturday, and Ernst joins us for a Fast 5 minutes to talk about the team, how it has come together, and whether anyone has presented him with a keepsake on this farewell tour through the Midwest Conference.

Also from the 5, a stat of the week detailing exactly how dominant the North Central run game was this past weekend. Plus a little safety dancing from Dubuque’s win at Coe, Concordia (Wis.) heading for a conference championship showdown, and more.

How does UW-River Falls’ loss at Platteville affect the playoff at-large bid picture? Greg Thomas just wrote about it last Thursday in Around the Nation and there will be more talk about it now.

In all, 48 schools merit serious mention in this week’s podcast. Who’s getting it done in Region 1? Who’s blue in the 2? What’s the score in the 4? Who’s tryin’ to survive in the 5? Plus, who’s in the mix in the 6, and what is the sound of 19,000 cats, anyway?

In addition, Pat and Greg hand out game balls, spotlight the unexpected in Stat of the Week, make guesses about Week 8 games and more. There’s a list in small type at the bottom of this page of all the teams that are talked about.

Fan question in our mailbag from Jeff Seidel @seideljeff: Taking recent playoff success into account, dating back to 2018, how does JHU, Muhlenberg, Sus and Ursinus compare to the top 4 in other conferences? Especially since several 2018 kids are still playing at Hop?

Pat Coleman and Greg Thomas talk about it all in the latest Around the Nation Podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation covering the wide range of Division III football.

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