ATN Podcast: Conference leaders changing hands

It was another really interesting week in Division III football, with four teams dropping out of the Top 25, two of them plummeting. Similarly, in a handful of conferences, the first-place team and the highest-ranked team in our poll changed over based on Saturday’s results. Pat and Keith break down where things changed in the Empire 8, the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and the North Coast Athletic Conference based on Saturday’s games, plus talk to two coaches whose teams have made big turnarounds and much more.

The Around the Nation Podcast is a weekly conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan covering the wide range of Division III football. It drops on Monday morning weekly throughout the season.

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One thought on “ATN Podcast: Conference leaders changing hands

  1. Ways to score:
    1. Touchdowns
    a. run from scrimmage
    b. pass from scrimmage
    c. fumble recovery and advance via run
    d. intercept and then run back
    e. punt return
    f. Kick-off return
    g. blocked punt and run back
    h. blocked field goal attempt and run back
    i. short field goal attempt caught and run back

    2. Kick a point after a touchdown
    a. snapper, holder and kicker
    b. drop kicker

    3. Two point conversion
    a. run from scrimmage
    b. pass from scrimmage

    4. Kick a field goal
    a. snapper, holder and a kicker
    b. drop kicker

    5. Safeties
    a. offensive ball carrier tackled in the end zone
    b. any offensive player in possession of the ball that steps on any of the out-of-bounds lines in the end zone
    c. a blocked punt that bounces out of bounds in the end zone
    d. any fumbled ball last controlled by the offense that goes out of bounds in the end zone
    e. intercept a two point conversion and return it to your own end zone
    f. advance a fumble during a two point conversion to your own end zone

    I probably missed something somewhere, but it seems to me that there is more than 6 ways to score in football.

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