ATN Podcast: A week in the books

UW-Whitewater was opportunistic on defense, to say the least.
Photo by Larry Radloff,

Four backup quarterbacks, a wide receiver at corner, a triple-overtime game, an “upset” that all three Triple Take predictors got right and a lot more happened in the first round of the 2011 Division III NCAA playoffs.

Best game? Check. Biggest surprise? We cover that. Best performance by a quarterback off the bench? Best time to turn off the cameras? Most surprising stat? Best defensive effort? Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan cover that and more in the Around the Nation podcast.

Plus Pat gets on his soapbox for a minute or two. But it’s quick.

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Plus, here’s this week’s reports, with eight of them, seven of which are mostly understandable. Keep your camera’s back to the wind!

2 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: A week in the books

  1. I was at the Hopkins game last weekend. What a disappointment! Here are my observations. Although St. John Fisher players are physically BIG compared to the Hopkis players, especially at the lines, I was not impressed. You need more than size to play the line. To me, Hopkins did St. John Fisher a favor by knocking out their starting QB. The back-up was very good and brought another dimension to their game that the starter didn’t. For Hopkins, their biggest problem was that Tomlin tried to throw into double and triple coverage too many times, and even when the receivers were open he couldn’t get the ball within five yards of them. One of the worst games I have ever seen him play. I think St. John Fisher will have their hands full with DelVal unless they can get their linemen to step up their play.

  2. gohop, you may not have been impressed with the big line, but what you missed is what Fisher does so very well. Their defensive coaches have regularly taken away one part of a teams offense. Generally that aspect of their game is the best part of the opposing team’s offense. It makes their opponents both frustrated and in a weak way one dimensional. I agree Fisher will be challenged this coming Saturday, but isn’t that what the playoffs are all about….

    Fisher, unlike other years, has figured out how to master/control the most important part of this game, the points on the board at the end of the game. They may not put as may points on the board as other years, but they have figured out how to win with the skills they have.

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