ATN Podcast: Who’s still in contention?

Cody Pohren
Cody Pohren and Pacific Lutheran benefited from the double losses in the MIAC. How?
PLU athletics file photo by John Froschauer

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We’re down to a final week, with a number of teams left in contention unlike any we can remember. This week’s losses change how some of the teams line up in the pecking order for the seven at-large bids, and if you are new to this process in Division III football, this is your primer, your instruction manual, perhaps your Selection Sunday master class.

Keith and Pat talk about that and more in this week’s Around the Nation Podcast, sponsored by the City of Salem, hosts of Stagg Bowl XL. Tickets on sale now!

Plus there are a bunch of automatic bids left to be handed out, and some were handed out Saturday in interesting ways. We talk about what’s left to be decided as well, including the indecipherable mess that is the North Coast Athletic Conference. Pat and Keith talk about a lot of teams this week — check the tags at the bottom of this page to find out who is on the topics list.

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Postgame show

Here’s this week’s reports and highlight packages.

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6 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Who’s still in contention?

  1. Pat and Keith – great job again running down all the scenarios – very enjoyable.

    Any chance you could post a list of teams that have clinched their respective conference bids and which conferences that are still up for grabs? I suspect you’ll boldface the clinched teams when the last NCAA rankings come out on Wednesday, but not all the teams still playing in the post season will be on that list. Thanx!

  2. That list is in the top 25 wrapup post. I’ll blog the Pool C candidates from this discussion on Tuesday, and the Pool A watch will be part of ATN on Thursday.

    I have another kid’s field trip Thursday daytime, so I should be able to get it in pretty early.

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  4. How is Concordia-Moorhead (or even UW-Platteville) ranked ahead of Willamette? Both are 2-loss teams, but C-M is 0-2 against RRO, while Willamette is 1-2 (win against Hardin-Simmons), furthermore Willamette has a higher SOS. What am I missing that takes Willamette out of the discussion?

  5. It’s certainly possible Willamette could be in the mix and even in this week’s regional rankings, but when they play Pacific this week, Willamette’s SOS is going to drop by about the same 80 points that Linfield’s did last week.

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