ATN Podcast 189: Twas the day before Stagg Bowl

Wait, a podcast on a Thursday? Yep, that’s right — Pat Coleman and guest analyst Frank Rossi step up to the mic in Salem for a special edition of the Around the Nation Podcast focused on getting you ready for Stagg Bowl XLV. We talk with players on both sides for their perspective and highlight a couple of places where the game Friday night could well turn. 

Plus, we talk with UW-Oshkosh coach Pat Cerroni about how the semifinal game ended, what it was like to attend the Gagliardi Trophy ceremony in a year where his team isn’t playing, as well as whether he considered throwing the ball to the end zone rather than attempting a field goal on the final play of the game.

The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan and guests covering the wide range of Division III football. 

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Photos by Larry Radloff, Steve Frommell,
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