Around the Nation podcast: Reshaping the top five

Linfield had an easy time with Cal Lutheran and one of our ATN podcast crew is voting them as No. 1.
Linfield athletics photo

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In a week where two top five teams lost, one to another top five team and one to an archrival, it presented an interesting conundrum to the Top 25 voters. Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman discuss the changes they would make on their ballot in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

Of course, Pat was also at Mary Hardin-Baylor, where the spectacle of a brand-new palace of Division III football was the story of the evening. More about that, this season’s surprise teams and more in this week’s podcast.

Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman break down that and much more and analyze it all for you. The Around the Nation podcast is our weekly discussion of what went down and what’s about to happen.

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2 thoughts on “Around the Nation podcast: Reshaping the top five

  1. A transcript of the Gallaudet section:

    34:05 mark

    Pat: Some of the other teams that are out of the Top 25 – we spotlighted some of these teams on the website already. For example, I was surprised a little bit by Gallaudet early in the afternoon on Saturday. Not necessarily surprised that Gallaudet is doing well – if you go back to the predictions in Kickoff, that was my pick for the most surprising playoff team. And they’re playing like they could do fairly well, if not run the table in the ECFC this year. If you go and beat the University of Rochester, which is a team that struggled but is in a reasonable conference in Division III, the Liberty League, and they beat them going away, 37-13, that’s a pretty impressive sign for the Bison.

    Keith: I would say so and I wouldn’t disagree with anything you said. For me the biggest surprise at 3-0 I think is Juniata (and he continues to talk about Juniata and other surprise teams).

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