ATN Podcast: East implodes?

UW-Whitewater cornerback Matt McCulloch knocks a pass away from UW-Stevens Point receiver Jared Jenkins.
Photo by Darryl Tessman,

So, yes, the East’s last best chance at a No. 1 seed went by the wayside this weekend when Cortland rallied to beat Montclair State. And yes, Mount Union wasn’t ranked No. 1 in the North in the last poll, but that doesn’t mean the Purple Raiders can’t still make the move.

Pool B got a shakeup Saturday when Case Western Reserve took its first loss after 38 consecutive regular-season victories. How far does this open the door for other Pool B contenders?

Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan discuss the possibilities in this week’s Around the Nation Podcast. But there’s more — Keith visited UW-Whitewater on Saturday for the first time since 2005 and came away impressed by all that has changed at Perkins Stadium in the past five years. Plus, there’s a bunch of big games coming up next week as teams try to wrap up automatic bids.

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23 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: East implodes?

  1. Getting the feeling that with all of these comments about the East losing their best chance for a #1 with Montclair losing that everyone is not giving Delaware Valley any respect. Why do you not feel the Aggies are worthy of a #1 seed in the East?

  2. Hmm … copy, paste, save. A very simple operation but apparently one which cannot be performed properly before having my caffeine in the morning. Promise it works now.

  3. DVC: Only because the NCAA doesn’t feel that way, and we talked about that last week. They’ll likely be the No. 1 team in the East rankings this week but that doesn’t mean the NCAA won’t move someone in.

  4. Why not have Wesley #1 in the East then MU, MHB, and someone from the west. This seems to make some sense to me.

  5. Toooooooooooooo much KM on WW. Did the WW fans use their dirty and rude cheers that the threw at Wesley the two times we played there?

    Were you aware that Wesley held an offense that was averaging over 500 a game to to just 188 and only 45 the last three quarters and held Salisbury’s two best backs who had gained 1947 yards to just 17 on 35 carries. Certainly worthy of a comment other than Wesley just got by Salisbury!

    It would interesting for you to comment on how many transfers that MU and WW get from from OU and Wis. It might account for their dominence of DIII.

    What a joke for the NCAA to have Wesley ranked third in the South and Mt. Union not with a number one ranking!

  6. “It would interesting for you to comment on how many transfers that MU and WW get from from OU and Wis. It might account for their dominence of DIII.”

    I’ll assume you mean OSU and not OU. Not sure how many transfers they get from Ohio U.

    I believe each of those teams gets about one such transfer at a time. The last guy to transfer from Wisconsin got all of three carries for Whitewater on Saturday. That’s the truth — I know, it contradicts the myth, but it’s reality.

  7. It would interesting to see how many wanted to go to Wis. or OSU, did not get a scholarship there but instead took their “grant in aid” at WW or MU. The records would show but of course no one can see those because of the Dept. of Ed. confidentially rules. I bet it is a lot. Wis. and OSU seem like feeder schools to WW and OSU. Not there is anything wrong with that approach. If I was a coach at one of the schools I would do all I could to get the DI kids at my DIII school especially since the can play right away. That is how the Rowan coach built those very good DIII teams before he headed to the U. of D.

  8. I always thought it was the other way around. Any real standouts on the teams would dream about getting a shot to play at the big school. I did play with one former D-1 player, a lineman that came from one of the Michigan MAC schools, but he wasn’t a superman among boys compared to the rest of the linemen we had. Now that I think bout it, we had a d-lineman transfer in from Northwestern as well. Again, he didn’t come in and change the team with his suprpowers or anything. So, yeah, we got a few transfers in but it was always us wishing we were a Badger at Camp Randall on TV.

  9. Hey, KM – thanks for all the nice things you said about Wisc. Glad you enjoyed your jaunt through the Dairy state. By the way, Mequon is pronounced MEHK-wahn (rhymes with HECK and YON). Piper, you’re talking about 2005 and 2006 – might be time to move on.

  10. “piperarcher,” you should probably get some of your facts straight about Whitewater and MU before blasting it into cyberspace. I can only speak on WW, but Whitewater is a public school. With the government helping public schools pay the bills, grants are MUCH harder to come by compared to private schools, like WESLEY. As far as UW-Madison being a feeder school? If an athlete can’t make it on the DI level, don’t they try DII, or DIII? I would bet that holds true to all athletes in the country.

  11. Warhawkpride beat me to the point, but the reality is that UWW gives no aid. The athletes and their parents have to fill out the FAFSA and see what they qualify for based upon financial need. Also, I can tell you that any kid coming out of high school that was worth anything as a player in high school aspires to play at the highest level possible. If they don’t then you have to question their competitive desire.

    UWW gets more kids dropping down from DII schools than DI, at least that is my observation the last two years and some do not make the team, especially at skill positions where UWW has major depth.

    I can tell you that my son had money offers from several DIII private schools and all it did was level the playing field with the public schools we were talking too.

  12. I am pretty new to all of this so I am going to ask a couple of questions that I hope are not to ignorant and are also appropriate for this area. I was reading where both Wheaton and North Central were ranked ahead of Mt. Union in the North. This weekend these 2 teams play each other. It is certainly likely that the winner will win out. Does this probably mean they would have a #1 seed in the north? If that is so would they host games should they keep winning until the semifinals? If that is so how would the home game be determined for the semifinals? Thanks for any help you could give me.

  13. I believe that MU and UWW may have an advantage over some schools because of geography. In Pennsylvania their is a saturation of college institutions that offer football. I believe there are 9 Division I football playing institutions, 15 Division II football playing institutions, and 24 Division III football playing institutions. That’s is 48 football playing institutions in one state, including 24 that offer scholarships. That makes the pool of available quality players for the Division III schools relatively small.

  14. Guys, get real. Any player that any DIII school wants and that needs money to attend, gets it! I know that for a fact! It does not matter a wick if they are public or private colleges!

  15. piper, let me first me clear that I disagree with you. I would be interested in hearing where your facts come from. However, if it were true that all DIII schools give money to athletes, doesn’t that put all schools back on the same playing field? Which makes your “point” virtually no point at all.

  16. Mr. piper is just still salty following the embarassing 05 and 06 playoff losses. Rather than giving the warhawks credit he accuses the players of receiving unfair “grant aid”….based on what prove? i guess that’s his way of justifying why Welsey got pummeled those two games….KABOOM!!

    First they blame the cannon, then their lack of cleats…now this…please, when will it end?

  17. Piper, if you have facts that any DIII school is giving money to football players that is not need based, please disclose because my understanding is that is a violation and strictly prohibited. To the best of my knowledge, the only option that a DIII school has is to meet actual, demonstrated financial need with a higher level of grant/work study or other such options versus loan options. Any DIII school giving non-need based money, and I am not suggesting any schools are doing that,is operating outside of the lines. So if you know of any, would really appreciate hearing about it.

    BTW, you guys at DIII are doing a great job of covering football and providing some interesting perspectives and insight. Keep up the good work.

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