Game Day: Let’s hand out some bids!

WartburgLots of big games, rivaling the great Week 5 we had for sheer number of good games, but far more important in the grand scheme of things, as many conference races will be decided on Saturday.

I’ll be at Wabash-Wittenberg, where I won’t knock a team off my list but I will knock a stadium, having never seen football on Witt’s campus before. (I’ve been there for basketball. In fact, for a state I’ve never lived in, I’ve seen a fair amount of Wittenberg in football and basketball, and this will also be my third Wabash game. In fact, this is my third Wabash game in three seasons.

My friend, the Hamline SID, would read this and say, what, you’ve been to see Wabash three times since you moved to Minnesota and you’ve never been over to see us? That’s the breaks, I guess.

Keith McMillan says he’s heading to Muhlenberg-Ursinus. And you guys are … wherever you’re at!

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