Game day: Bids on the line

We could have nine automatic bids handed out this week and there are two head-to-head winner-take-all games, between Otterbein and Mount Union in the Ohio Athletic Conference and between Trine and Adrian in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

There aren’t any live stats for the Otterbein/Mount Union game, but we’ll have updates here on the blog filling in some of the blanks. There’s live audio for that game and others on the Scoreboard.

I’ll be in Eau Claire, Wis., to see if UW-Stevens Point can keep up its run of nail-biters. In fact, I should be getting on the road pretty soon.

There are a couple of key Pool C (at-large bid) games — one of them between Rowan and Montclair State in the NJAC. I just stumbled on a Rowan football blog with some extra information worth checking out. Huntingdon and Hampden-Sydney play in Alabama in a game that affects both at-large pools. And we talked more about these games in the Triple Take yesterday, of course.

Plenty of other games, as always, and thanks to those who drop by with regular updates each week!

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85 thoughts on “Game day: Bids on the line

  1. Eggs-actly:

    Typical Mount Union, blowing away a ranked team.

    Doesn’t appreciate it anymore = Keith.

  2. And another fade route to Jenkins is good for six. At 6-4, Jenkins has a big advantage. 14-14 with 14:19 left in the fourth.

  3. MAC Scores…

    King’s 24 Lycoming 7
    Albright 21 Widener 10
    Delaware Valley 28 Wilkes 20
    Lebanon Valley 38 FDU-Florham 3

    The King’s win is the Monarchs’ first of MAC play and it throws the race open again. Albright moves into first with one loss and a big game against Delaware Valley next week. The Lions, Aggies, Lebanon Valley and Lyco are all in the hunt going into the last week.

    The only sure thing is that Albright wins the title with a win next week. I’ll puzzle out the other scenarios later.

    King’s surprises Lycoming 24-7 to pick up its first win of the conference season. The Monarchs’ win makes happy fans at Delaware Valley, Lebanon Valley and Albright who all stay in the title hunt.

  4. Huntingdon holding up better against H-SC than I thought they would. 38-34 in the closing minutes.

    Trinity losing 26-17 to Centre? Millsaps hangover? They looked like a pretty good team last week that got beat by a much better one.

    W&J 47 points at the half = no Thomas More hangover.

    Hobart, Montclair State picking up big wins.

    (I know you all can see the scoreboard too, I just think out loud on Saturdays)

  5. The only sure thing is that Albright wins the title with a win next week. I’ll puzzle out the other scenarios later.

    Yeah, I didn’t even bother trying to figure out the MAC or MIAC before the Week 10 results were in. 🙂

  6. After a punt, SP gets the ball back at its own 6 with 2:28 to go in regulation and all three of its timeouts.

  7. SP about to go three and out. Well, four, after one first down. EC used its last two TOs to save the clock and SP is going to punt with 1:09 left in the fourth. 14-14.

  8. Sartorelli up the middle, bounces off tacklers, TD Eau Claire. PAT blocked. 28 seconds left and EC leads 20-14.

  9. UW-Stevens Point uses its first time out of the second half to make sure it gets everything right on the PAT. 6.2 seconds left. 20-20.

  10. It looks like Carleton vs. SJU in Northfield for the MIAC bid. Former SJU star Kurt Ramler against his old coach ….

    Knights beat CC and Johnnies top Augsburg.

  11. Here is the tiebreaker scenario courtesy of Delaware Valley Sports Information Director extraordinaire Matt Levy…

    First, remember that the conference names co- or tri-champions regardless of head-to-head results. If two (or three) teams finish with the same record, the conference recognizes both as champs. Thus, congratulations to MAC champions Albright. They may end up tri-champions but they are guaranteed a piece of the title.

    As for the AQ, there are three teams who still have a chance.

    Albright wins the AQ with a victory next week at Del Val. They don’t need help since they are up one game with one left. Actually that is the only scenario in which the Lions win the AQ. Simple enough.

    Lycoming wins the AQ with a victory at home over Lebanon Valley and a Delaware Valley win over Albright. The Warriors would finish in a first place tie with Albright and Del Val but have head-to-head wins against both.

    Delaware Valley wins the AQ with a victory at home over Albright and a Lebanon Valley win at Lycoming. The Aggies would finish in a first place tie with Albright and Lebanon Valley but have head-to-head wins against both.

    While Lebanon Valley can finish as tri-champions with a win at Lycoming and a Delaware Valley win, they cannot win the AQ. That situation creates the three-way tie under which Del Val gets the AQ.

    So all four teams with a shot at the title and AQ will play with something on the line next week. Should be fun.

  12. How does the Hobart win effect Pools and Regional Rankings if they hold on vs. U of R next week and the Cortaca Jug loser?

  13. Stevens Point pulls out another one? Wow.

    What’s the saying about a horseshoe?

    (rhetorical; no need to answer)

  14. In ATN Keith writes “Also keep an eye on: Carnegie Mellon at No. 13 Case Western Reserve” But we still can’t get on the front page?

    BTW CWRU 38-13

  15. The front page is still in progress, 70. It’s not like I can drive two hours each way and automatically know and process everything that’s gone on.

  16. Pat Coleman Says:

    “Just take a deep breath and relax. No need to take it personally. Think about who typed it — Keith, not some loudmouth fan.”

    No breath needed, I just went and took a nap. 🙂

    Thanks for having a place like this where we can ponder things like someones “tone of voice” when typing. LOL

  17. This MUC team continues to meet the expectations and there is something to be said for that. Congrats to Nate Kmic and each and every o-line man that has blocked for him over the last 4 years as he reached the 110 TD mark. I’m still super impressed with Cecil Shorts. This guy was a clutch role player while Pierre Garcon was still in a Purple Raiders jersey, and he has really stepped up this entire season. Micheli just flat out brings it as well. Overall with the game – I think it goes back to coaching. Larry Kehres and his coaches are great at making adjustments and then the team executes them. In the second half, the Raider defense made adjustments and the result was great.

    Nothing lasts forever Keith. We’re just trying to savor it while we can 🙂
    Let’s get some playoff action under way fellas!

  18. At a glance, a lot of team’s Pool C hopes took a beating today.

    Out: Trinity (2nd loss)

    – RPI (first loss)
    – Ithaca (by virtue of Hartwick’s loss to Springfield, now trails three-loss but deserving St. John Fisher in Pool A race)
    – UW-W (OK, they were always in, but they had one foot in the Pool A door until UW-SP hit another miracle finish)

    There are probably more.

  19. Also, Otterbein fumbled the opening kickoff. Who knows what kind of game it might have been without that. Mistakes like that so early against a team you’re looking to upset just can’t happen. I’m not jumping on the kid who did it or anything, Lord knows he didn’t intend to or anything…but it hurt the Cardinals early and might have taken some of the steam out of them. I was still impressed with the offense of Otterbein.

  20. nashvegas: agreed on the opening kickoff. I was impressed, though, that Otterbein didn’t fold right then and there. They held with it for a while.

    Keith, not so sure about RPI.

  21. Trine defeats Adrian 9-0

    Trine held Adrian to only 110 yards total offense

    First ever MIAA championship for Trine.

    Does this win and this year put Coach Land in a pretty good spot for D3 coach of the year?

  22. Keith, not so sure about RPI.

    Me neither. I meant they’re “in” the Pool C mix now, not “in” the playoffs as a Pool C team.

    I did look at it as though it could be misconstrued alongside Ithaca and UWW, which are pretty strong contenders for Pool C bids.

    Does this win and this year put Coach Land in a pretty good spot for D3 coach of the year?

    Not having given it much thought yet, I would say so, or at least North Region coach consideration.

    But it all depends on how you look at COY awards. Larry Kehres never wins because he always wins (follow me here), but being just as dominant as ever with only 8 returning starters might be one of his finest jobs, or a testament to his overall job.

    Mike DuBose rallying his team to probably 10-0 when his team could’ve been mentally crushed after last year.

    The UW-SP coach being so clutch & making gutsy calls.

    All kinds of good jobs out there.

    I tend to be a who-did-the-most-with-the-least guy, so Trine would be up there, but there are lots of good arguments and I don’t think we can assume Land has it wrapped up.

    A playoff win for the MIAA would help. Might even get a decent seed this, with the win over Franklin and all.

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