Game day from the madness

I’m in Naperville, Ill.; Keith McMillan is in Westerville, Ohio; John McGraw is in Geneva, N.Y.; and Frank Rossi is in Belton, Texas. And there are photographers elsewhere and of course, your eyes are everywhere.

Twelve weeks into the Division III football season, and while us Triple Takers were fairly unanimous with our first-round predictions, there are still lingering questions.

We all think Wheaton will win, but here’s what Trine has on its side. Trine has a 10-game home winning streak going and hasn’t lost at Shive Field since a 21-7 loss to Hope on Oct. 28, 2006. That’s another era in Trine/Tri-State football, to be sure.

We all picked Hardin-Simmons to lose to Mary Hardin-Baylor. I know I looked at the last meeting and took into account that Mary Hardin-Baylor is really banged up. But we all picked the home team to lose, and that’s a red flag. This game is too close to call, and I think our scores reflected that. That’s also why we sent a broadcast crew, since we think this is going to be a great game.

Plus, there’s the weather. It should hold scores down across the North Central and Mount Union bracket. Is it enough to prompt an upset? There aren’t many games being played on grass today, but the ball will still be affected.

We’ll update. You’ll update. It’ll be a great time. Madness on!

134 thoughts on “Game day from the madness

  1. SJU QB is bent over backwards and fumbles the ball, UWW recovers on their own ~30 yd. line.

    7:39 3rd Q

  2. wait a minute… not enough yards for a 1st down on the penalty.

    NCC kicks field goal on 4th down. 23-10. The result is the same as it would’ve been… but TMC needs to keep their composure.. They are playing hard.

  3. Otterbein is punting from midfield with 9:41 left.

    Rupp is 38 of 59 for 501 yards and 7 TDs.

    Franklin has rushed for -1 net yard.

    Well before this big play anyway. Sheesh.

  4. 2nd play of TMC’s next drive is an INT.

    3 INTs today for Stellman. NCC takes over at the 40.

    Franthorpe runs for 17… to the 23 yard line.

  5. Curry defeats Ithaca 26-21. Big upset.

    The same Curry Pat didn’t even think belonged in the field. And wouldn’t have been had a few other teams handled theirs.

    It is kind of weird, if Ithaca > Cortland St. > Plymouth State > Curry … yet Curry beats Ithaca 🙂

    8:04 left here. If Rupp stays in … I don’t what the records are off top (the book is at home), but these gotta be close.

  6. Wabash 20 – Case Western 17;

    Wabash scored with under a minute left in the game to go win. Anyone know the score in the Wheaton / Trine game?

  7. TD pass by Franthorpe. 30-10 NCC. 5:38 left in 3rd.

    Stellman had 2 INT’s in the regular season… both in the loss to Geneva. 3 today…

  8. Jeff Donovan keeps the ball and dives into the end zone from about 4 yards out, TD Warhawks.

    23-7 UWW with 1:40 in the 3rd

  9. Appreciate it. No offense to the Thunder but I’m happy to be playing Wheaton at home than Franklin or NCC next week.

  10. D3Kieth: “It is kind of weird, if Ithaca > Cortland St. > Plymouth State > Curry … yet Curry beats Ithaca”

    Haven’t we learned anything about comparative results this year? 😉

  11. danimal,

    I agree… it appears NCC is going to go far… nice offense and Wenger on Defense… tough team.

  12. lyco scores a garage time td and 2 pt to make it 33-15 hobart. regardless, dominant performance by the statesmen today. will need a similiar performance and then some to compete in alliance.

  13. St. Johns is driving at the end of the 3rd Quarter, helped by an end zone pass interference penalty on the Warhawks. 3rd and goal SJU from the 3 or 4.

    23-7 UWW at the start of the 4th.

  14. Warhawk defense holds tight on the goal line, knocking down a 4th and goal pass over the middle. 1st and 10 Warhawks from their own 3, 14:15 to go.

  15. 3rd and long for NCC following a fumble…

    Pass Interference on Thomas More.

    First down NCC at the TMC 34 yard line.

  16. Levell Coppage still hasn’t seen action since his injury, Antwan Anderson filling in very nicely. Lots of tough, evasive runs from Anderson.

  17. another Fanthorpe TD pass.. 37-10 NCC.

    14:00 minutes left.

    Franklin at NCC will be a shoot out next week. Rupp has 7 TD’s thus far today.

  18. Stellman TD pass to Farley… 37-17. No quit in Thomas More, at least.

    kickoff returned to the Thomas More 37 yard line. Coming back due to penalty flag at the NCC 30 yard line.

  19. UWW running out the clock now after a long run and TD from Antwan Anderson.

    4:05 in the game, 30-7 UWW

  20. Backup QB Bruce Langer runs another one in for the Warhawks, putting some icing on the cake.

    37-7 UWW over St. Johns, 3:24 to go.

  21. Stellman is picked off in the endzone again… 4 INTs today..

    I’m signing off.. Congrats to NCC. Very good team. Next week will be interesting with Franklin going to Naperville.

  22. I lied.. nice way to end the season for Thomas More… punt return TD by Mercier Doucette.. 44-23 Final.

  23. Goodness gracious….Franklin’s QB was just slinging it 🙂
    Well, I guess it’s the old strategy of “go with it until they stop it…”
    Well, what can your d3rs tell us about Hobart? Looks like they played well today….Didnt expect MUC to pitch a shut out….but great opening performance…

  24. D3Keith: Thanks for the awesome highlights………your comments coupled with all of the pics available…almost like being there!!! Lots of GRIZ fans have been sharing all season long about what kind of QB Chad Rupp is…..I’m glad you got to see for yourself…..he’s really special!! Heading north early Friday morning….. See you in Naperville this Saturday!!!
    GO GRIZ!!!!!!!!

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