ATN Podcast: Shootouts, upsets

A lot of things went according to plan this week. Triple Take was a more accurate predictor of who would win than the NCAA’s actual seedings were.

And yes, all four No. 7 seeds advanced.

Plus, Keith McMillan was at the bracket’s biggest shootout, between Franklin and Otterbein. But we run through the games in all four brackets plus take a first look ahead at the second round in this week’s Around the Nation Podcast.

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21 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Shootouts, upsets

  1. Good job as always. Nice review of the of the first round of the playoffs. Looking forward to your views of this coming weekend.

  2. Kudos on the podcast, Pat and Keith. I’m always anxious to listen every Monday during my lunch. But 40 minutes? You made me use part of my prep time to finish it!

    Looking ahead to this weekend, I can’t wait to tune in to some of the big games. Looks to me like the only “sure thing” is MUC moving on. Everything else looks to be a decent match-up and (hopefully) an exciting game. Best of luck to all teams still playing!

  3. Pat and Keith….awesome podcast as always! Keith, glad you enjoyed seeing Chad Rupp and the Franklin offense in person… use an often overused cliche….he’s the real deal!! I’m traveling to Naperville from Louisville early Saturday am (thank you Southwest!!) and driving down from Chicago. Hope to see you there!!

  4. Saturday, I had the honor to walk in with Austin Faulkner’s parents. Great people. I don’t know if they read this stuff, but I wanted to let them know that their son did a great job against a great defense. I wish him the best. Also, the Randolf Macon crowd was a class act and I’m glad I made the effort to see their team. In closing, I think most of the R-Mc crowd new before hand what the outcome was going to be but it was funny when I walked by a group of parents talking and a mom said to another dad, ” hey, maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll over look us!” That why mom’s are GREAT!!!

  5. But 40 minutes? You made me use part of my prep time to finish it!

    I made myself late for work recording it 🙂

    (has real job)

  6. this is going to be a great weekend of games….Wesley and UMHB….Wheaton and Wabash…Franklin and North Central…seems to me like all those games are a complete jump ball IMHO…I never take any MUC victory for granted…i just want to see them continue to play solid football….what does everyone think of Willamette and UWW?

  7. See that’s what I think…I think UWW goes into this game and shows why they won a title last year…I know the NCAA is using set criteria to seed the brackets, but when I UWW at No. 5, I thought that was low…unless Williamette comes in there and just plays a flawless smash mouth football game, I think UWW goes on…

  8. Also, I wanted to say I was surprised to see Otterbein’s defense give up so many points last week….I know Chad Rupp is a great QB….not taking anything away from him….it was just so uncharacteristic of their D all regular season long…Franklin and North Central ought to be one heck of a ballgame this weekend…

  9. No Kmic for G. award? Hmmm, bad grades? no community service? Just wondering as I pick myself off of the floor.

  10. R24: Nate has good grades and does plenty in the community. However when compared to Micheli’s 3.84 GPA and academic all-american status in a double major of PHYSICS and MATH, Greg inches ahead of Kmic.

    We all have to remember the Gagliardi is not an exact D3 mirror of the Heisman. The D1 is football only. And as it should be, the D3 Gagliardi is football + academics + service. If it was purely a football award, than Nate Kmic in landslide.

    What’s unfortunate is that Kmic might be the best Mount player at any position EVER and he doesn’t even get nominated simply because the luck of the draw.

  11. I went onto the voting page and looked up and down the list 3 times looking for Kmic! I’m not even sure how the players are nominated. Could there have been concern of splitting the vote with Micheli? I was jawing back and forth last year with MUC fans about the Beaver vs Kmic debate, but the fact is the kid is an amazing running back, one of the very best ever in D3. I wanted to vote for him!!!

    Is there a rule that a school can’t have 2 nominees? Even if both were on the ballot, I’m sure Kmic, Micheli could have gone 1-2.

    I’m sure the only RB finalist did some fine things off the field and in the classroom, but geez….

  12. Hey Pat/Keith-

    I was just perusing the NCAA site for D-III football and it says the kickoff time for the Stagg Bowl is 11 AM Eastern on ESPN 2. Is it really switching from a late-afternoon kickoff to early morning? I can’t imagine the outrage if a team like Willamette gets to the Championship and the game starts at 8 AM for those watching at home in Oregon…

    I saw the kickoff time on the interactive bracket, available here:

  13. Great podcast guys;

    I went to the UMHB and HSU game. It was a good old TX shootout. I talked to some UMHB coaches and they confirmed that they have a lot of injuries. UMHB must throw more now since RB Daniels is out. Wesley has a great defense so I think the game will be close.

    UWW will smash the fly this week. I think UWW wins by 21 or more.

    I pray that the dizzy chick Pam will not call the D3 championship. If so I will mute the tv and listen on radio or computer.

  14. Big CCIW fan. Wondering how people get nominated. Why so many QB’s for Gagliardi trophy?

    Did CCIW receiver Matt D’Angelo get considered? 1st Team Academic All-American 3.76 GPA. 6th All-Purpose yards—6th receiving–14 TD’s. President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 311 yards Receiving and 3 TD’s vs. Wheaton/NorthCentral. I heard 90 of which was against All-American Ittersagen———— Just wondering???

  15. I don’t want to claim to speak for Nate Kmic….but to me it seems that he’s more interested in a DIII championship trophy than the Gagliardi…and that goes for Greg Micheli as well…if Greg should win the Gagliardi and not the DIII title, my gut tells me he wouldn’t be very satisfied with that….I know personal accolades are great, and Greg sure has earned it if he should win it…and I’m sure there’s a small part of Nate that wishes he was a nominee….but right now, I have to think he is focused on getting to Virginia and bringing home a title…just my two cents….
    It may sound like a cheesy line, but one thing I know is that MUC is focused on what the team is doing…

  16. muc01nashvegas,

    I agree, both Kmic and Micheli would rather win the D3 championship than the Gagliardi. If they either weren’t that type of athlete, they wouldn’t even be worthy of an award named Gagliardi. Last year, Justin was focused on one piece of hardware and that was the National Championship Trophy. But it sure was sweet for him to come home with two!

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