Game day: Everyone in

Mount Union
Mount Union walks into Saturday’s game at Heidelberg at 6-0.

There are 114 games this week, 112 of them on Saturday and every ranked team is in action this weekend.

No full-conference byes, like the Centennial had last week. Plenty of big games to keep up on, as we described yesterday in the Triple Take.

Check in from your game here on the blog, the live chat below, or by using the #d3fb hashtag on Twitter.

Game Day: Big day!

Adrian and Danny Cobb are the first MIAA team to get a crack at Trine, and both are unbeaten.
Adrian athletics photo

Oh yes, it’s a big day for games today, with a large slate of games we’ve already talked about previously.

Some have names, like the Tommie-Johnnie game, some just have proximity and a long-running dislike (Linfield-Willamette), some will likely go on to decide a conference title (Cal Lutheran-Redlands) and some are surprisingly intriguing (Whitewater-Platteville). Wesley will try to become the second Division III team to take down a scholarship FCS team this season, traveling to Charleston Southern.

And there’s a lot more. But all will be covered today on, so follow along and check us out in the live chat below:

Game Day: Last one till September

Cole Klotz, Charles Dieuseul
Let’s enjoy this one, since it’s our last game for a while! photos

It seems like the Division III football offseason is interminable. And nothing else is a good substitute.

That’s why you need to follow the game today, no ifs, ands or buts.

We get that you may not all be in love with the matchup, but you won’t get to see another Division III football game until next September. So let’s get our fix with matchup No. 6 of UW-Whitewater and Mount Union. The live chat is below!