Game Day: It’s title time!

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ATN Podcast: Boring? Not really

Mount Union's Kyle Miller; UW-Whitewater's Levell Copage
Yep. More purple. But is that a problem?

Alright, we’ve heard all the weeping and gnashing of teeth the past couple of days, and there’s certainly reason to talk about it. But, indeed, we’ve got Purple-Purple VI and that’s because they are the best two teams in Division III football.

Would it be better some other way? Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan each have their own takes on it in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

Stagg Bowl XXXVIII could be the game remembered for its backup quarterbacks — Neal Seaman got knocked out of Saturday’s game early in the first quarter trying to make a stop on an interception and Matt Blanchard, well, who knows? Does it makes sense for UW-Whitewater to play Blanchard at this point even if he’s healthy? Will the Mount Union running game have a shot against UW-Whitewater’s defense?

Plus, a look forward at the rest of the weekend’s festivities in Salem.

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