Game Day: It’s title time!

Alright, here we go. Pat and Keith are heading to the tailgate shortly and will greet the early arrivals! Meanwhile, join us in the live chat below as well, or tweet with the #d3fb hashtag.

8 thoughts on “Game Day: It’s title time!

  1. Getting anxious…I am hoping Mount keeps it close early and gives themselves a chance to win it in the second half. It’s all about who makes plays. The Mount D will have to force a turnover or two to win this I believe, and UWW hasn’t been turning the ball over much if at all. I said it in another post before, but if Mount does not stop Coppage on the ground, it is going to be a long game. I was pleasantly surprised by the Raider offense last week, so I’m not going to set any expectations. I’m honestly just interested to see what Coach Kehres’ offensive game plan will be. Congrats to both programs. Everyone be safe. Have fun…this is what you’ve worked for all season. Go out there and put on a show.

  2. What a game! The Raiders had a chance to win it at the end with over 2 minutes and a time out left.

    I think the game was alot closer than most of the predictions.

    Raiders defense held Coppage to just 91 yards.

    Congrats to both teams and especially UWW for the victory!

  3. Mt. Union has become the Washington Generals of D3. Make them play on the road in the semis once in a while and we wouldn’t have to watch them get pounded by Whitewater every year. And we wouldn’t have to look at Kehres chewing gum and spitting all night long…I don’t want to see his chewing gum every time he opens his mouth. Disgusting.

  4. geiger,

    You were called out on earlier posts with all your continous claims. Mt. Union gave UWW everything they could handle and just came up short.

    These were the 2 best teams in D3, and I will be rooting for both teams to make it back next year!

  5. Great game!! Coaching and defense was the key and UWW won both!

    I think D3 deserves a better place to play the Stagg. I know many (Pat and Keith included)disagree but the conditions are horrible in Salem. The players and fans deserve better. Even the refs deserve better than that and I’m a ref, so a little bias. Really though, the stands were half empty and the fans were all just trying to stay dry and warm. Politics will win and yet again next year everyone will battle the conditions. I wonder how the players and coaches feel about it?

  6. I want to thank all the D3 Staff for a great year. I know we don’t agree on some things but that’s ok. Like moving the Stagg to a better venue for all. Sometime we just have to agree to disagree.

  7. I wonder if Leipold will bolt to a higher paying job and move up to FCS? Don’t have a clue how much money good coaches in D3 make. I would think that the top 10 teams coaches make at least $100k.

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