At long last, game day

Finally — it’s been about 36 weeks off since we last saw Division III football games that counted. Tonight many Division III coaches are undoubtedly burning the midnight oil. I know Jim Purtill is at St. Norbert, as his light was on well past 11 p.m. CT, and Twitter tells us Keith Buckley and staff at Pacific are doing so as well.

Pacific is playing its first game in two decades, so there’s a lot to plan for, and St. Norbert is taking on a tough challenge in the afternoon, hosting No. 5 St. Thomas.

That’s where I am this week, hoping to see a good game as well as the opening of the Green Knights’ new stadium, just a few blocks off campus here in the suburbs of Green Bay, Wis. And Internet permitting, there will be a live video broadcast of this game and I’ll be tweeting and updating the blog.

For those of you who are new to the site, the Game Day blog is a running free-for-all discussion. Tell us what you’re following, where you’re at, etc. We made the blog more friendly to mobile browsers last year so join us from the stands.

ATN podcast: Welcome to 2010

There’s one question that’s on pretty much everyone’s mind when it comes to the Division III football season: Can Mount Union and UW-Whitewater do it again, after meeting in the Stagg Bowl for each of the past five seasons?

The bad news? Sure, they can. But will they? That’s what we should really be asking. And in the first podcast of the 2010 season, Around the Nation columnist Keith McMillan and executive editor Pat Coleman ask that question, and talk over the possible answers. Plus, get a preview of where you can find our gurus on the road this season and more.

Click the play button below to listen.

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Game Day live: Good day to track

If you’re not heading out to a game, this is a great day to track multiple games online from home. Our Scoreboard page has audio, video or live stats for every game involving a Top 25 team, for instance. Just hover your mouse over the link icon and see what pops up for each game.

I’ll be at St. John’s/St. Thomas. I gave serious consideration yesterday to hopping in a car and driving to Wabash-Wittenberg. If Wabash had been hosting I would have been far more likely, as a nine-and-a-half-hour drive sounds a lot more palatable than a 12-hour one.

We’ve already laid out all the implications of the weekend on the Triple Take and the front page. What’s left, I think, is to actually play the games.

Chime in with any updates you’re tracking, as always.