ATN Podcast 176: Bonus podcast from Tommie-Johnnie game

Every year there’s at least one game that is worth an entire podcast on its own, and that’s the Stagg Bowl. Well, the Tommie-Johnnie game didn’t decide the national title, not even the MIAC title, but it was an event worthy of breaking out and talking about on its own. 

Pat Coleman and Adam Turer hand out game balls, talk with the coaches, describe the atmosphere and what this means for Division III football. Former SJU beat writer Frank Rajkowski talks about the rivalry and how it’s gotten so big. Plus, one player talks about having his family fly up from Chile for the game

The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan and guests covering the wide range of Division III football. There will be a full Week 4 podcast covering the entire week that this week will drop on Tuesday morning.

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Photo by Caleb Williams,
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