ATN Podcast: Season’s over

The 43rd championship season of Division III football is over, with Mount Union hoisting the trophy. But there was a little more business to do, including handing out game balls (which differed, perhaps, from the one the media on-site gave out), deciding the players of the year, looking ahead to next year and more. Plus, Adam Turer joins us to answer one of August’s burning questions. That and more on this week’s Around the Nation Podcast.

The Around the Nation Podcast is a weekly conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan covering the wide range of Division III football. It drops on Monday morning weekly throughout the season. Photo by Larry Radloff,

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3 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Season’s over

  1. It’s how you finish, not how you start. UMHB 21-0 1st QTR vs Linfield, loses. UST up 2 td’s and lose.
    Great job UMU on winning the Stagg.
    I think they should move the Stagg Bowl to a warmer climate, and more central of U.S, LIKE TEXAS.

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