ATN podcast: Road trips, memory lane, playoff chase

Lake Forest players walk from the dorms to the stadium before Saturday’s game.
Photo by Ryan Coleman,

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Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan both went out on the road this week, with Pat taking one of’s Best road trips and Keith taking in his 15th class reunion. It’s a good look at a handful of Division III campuses and programs that runs the gamut from the return of UW-Whitewater to prominence to what D-III looked like 15 years ago. Has your campus changed? Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman take a look at in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

In terms of playoff hopes, those of St. Thomas and Wesley took big hits this past weekend. Dubuque’s playoff hopes rose, obviously, by beating Coe. Some other teams’ hopes improved and a lot of games have yet to be played. Lots of teams talked about, and you can see them listed in the tags at the bottom.

This has been updated to correct erroneous information about the playoff format released by the NCAA to member schools.

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The tags below include the schools we talked about. Also, here’s your first look at the Postgame Show, with your D3reports and team interviews and highlight packages:

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  1. After 6 weeks of football, WIAC will finally get interesting and exciting. Will UW-Whitewater show up @ Oshkosh and play angry or will they self doubt themselves based on last 2 games vs Oshkosh?

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