ATN podcast: Jumbled standings

If Wash U wins out, a playoff bid could be in the offing.
Hendrix athletics photo by Cody Usher

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Redlands ends Cal Lutheran’s 28-game SCIAC streak, while you’ve probably read about Morrisville State beating Rowan and W&J also made easy work of Thomas More. The MAC got complicated. More so than usual. Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman take a look at those conference races and others in this week’s Around the Nation podcast.

They also take a close look at Pool B, the way teams get into the playoffs when they don’t have an automatic bid to play for. We’re expecting three bids for those teams this year, so in addition to Wesley, there are a lot of contenders out there. We’ll run those down for you. Plus a lot more, of course.

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The tags below include the schools we talked about. Also, here’s your first look at the Postgame Show, with your D3reports and team interviews and highlight packages:

6 thoughts on “ATN podcast: Jumbled standings

  1. Gallaudet transcription

    Pat: (running through Triple Take predictions) … and then Gallaudet beating Norwich.

    Keith: Yeah, and it was a game where Gallaudet jumped out in front and had to hold on. Norwich stormed back and almost had a chance to win that game, not quite in the manner that Hendrix did, but they made it interesting.

    Pat: Minus half a point for again mispronouncing Gallaudet.

    Keith (laughing): I thought you might let it slide. I noticed that I did it but I was not going to bring it to the attention of the listeners.

    Pat (laughing): Hey, if I have to transcribe this section, I’m at least going to make it interesting.

  2. I know — it must be crazy to live with that pronunciation and take Spanish there.

    When Keith and I first started doing the podcast, I realized how schools which I grew up hearing about all the time in Minnesota were not so easily pronounceable for an East Coast person, such as Hamline, St. Olaf and Gustavus Adolphus. Just what you grow up hearing, I guess.

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