ATN Podcast: Welcome to October

Hobart football
Hobart has run out to a 5-0 start. And it’s too early to talk top seed, but we’ll do it anyway.
Hobart file photo by Kevin Colton
UW-Platteville slings
The sight of two gunslingers in slings is not a good one for UW-Platteville
Photo by J. Jensen,

With Mount Union firing on all cylinders on offense, crushing it on defense and by the way, also doing so on special teams, it seems like a foregone conclusion that the Purple Raiders are going back to the Stagg Bowl. And we’d have agreement on the Around the Nation Podcast … except that the Around the Nation guy does his best Lee Corso impression.

Is it too fast, my friend? Perhaps. But there are other teams that look like they could have the stuff to reach Salem, even if UW-Whitewater isn’t one of them at the moment.

Pat and Keith talk about that and more in this week’s Around the Nation Podcast. Plus the revolving door playing the role of “No. 2 team in the OAC,” the three key two-point conversion attempts that could have sunk Top 25 teams and the two that saved one of them. The thought of the top seed in the East makes its first appearances, as does that word “clarity.” And Pat, who has now seen UW-Whitewater play three times, gives us his most important takeaways from the three-time defending champs.

Plus we talk about the late comeback by Hanover, the surprise win by Catholic, Mississippi College’s choosing Division II and what that does to the American Southwest Conference and more.

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One thought on “ATN Podcast: Welcome to October

  1. Good podcast and I agree with Pat’s assessment on football in the southwest. (Thanks for the shoutout.)

    If a school wants to start up football in this era, the SCAC is the place for a private school to do it.

    Pat is right about UDallas. My take is that starting football would be tough for various reasons at LeTourneau and UDallas.

    If Schreiner wanted to resurrect the program that they had a JUCO many years ago, this is the time. Concordia TX has a beautiful new (within the last 5 years) campus, the former Schlumberger headquarters campus and they would be a “mission/vision” compatible school for the SCAC as currently configured. IMHO, UOzarks is not likely to start football. Travel would be a killer on the budget.

    I won’t speculate about my brothers from the north side of the Abilene railroad tracks (HSU).

    I actually think that the SCAC is closer to a Pool A bid than the ASC in 2016. Who wants to “recruit” against the “Taj Mahal” that UMHB is building for football? Does the ASC invite Southwestern Assemblies (NAIA) to join the conference? That is 5 years away from now!

    UT-Dallas doesn’t seem to need football. UT-Tyler would become an instant powerhouse, (largely at the expense of ETBU and possibly a new Centenary program).

    I think that the SCAC can have a Pool A bid with Trinity, Austin College, Southwestern, and Texas Lutheran, and maybe three or more from this group: Centenary, UDallas, imports Concordia TX and Schreiner and the resurrected program at Colorado College.

    Colorado College fans want a return of the program, but they lost a famous former player in Steve Sabol last month.

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