ATN podcast: Re-drawing the Top 25

UW-Whitewater, Aaron Rusch and Jason FordRe-evaluating the Top 25, or, also known as, how did Central drop nine spots? Coe’s loss to Wartburg had an effect beyond those two teams, while losses by Cortland State, Randolph-Macon and Alfred certainly helped the reshuffling effort.

Why wasn’t Wartburg ranked to begin with? How did they end up at No. 13? Who else is underranked? That and more in this week’s Around the Nation podcast. Plus, Pat Coleman got to see UW-Whitewater play in person next week and gives his take on what he saw, plus gets coach Lance Leipold’s evaluation of his team at the midway point of the Whitewater season (that is, if the Warhawks are planning to play 15 games once again).

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6 thoughts on “ATN podcast: Re-drawing the Top 25

  1. With all due respect, some of your facts are incorrect. Salisbury is not undefeated. Salisbury did play H-SC, but it lost that game at home to H-SC. W&L has not changed its approach from pass to run. W&L has been a top rushing team for the last three years, with much less emphasis on the passing game. Last year the Generals lead the ODAC in team rushing and were also nationally ranked in that category. Finally, R-MC’s fifth year QB, Austin Faulkner, could not assist in mounting a comeback in the second half because he was out the entire second half with an injury.

  2. Keith said that Salisbury has one loss, to Hampden-Sydney.

    Washington and Lee has changed its approach from pass to run — we didn’t say it was a sudden change this year but that it was a change nonetheless from teams in the past.

  3. I heard it said that Salisbury had one loss and, consequently, might be in the hunt for a 4th Pool B bid if it upset Wesley. I do not recall who Salisbury lost to being mentioned. H-SC was mentioned as one of Salisbury quality games for purposes of the potential 4th bid.

    The statement about W&L’s running game was that it was “not what they [W&L] have done on offense for some time now.” It is fair to say that it is a departure from the 2006-2003 teams, but the remainder of the Generals’ teams over the last decade are either evenly balanced or, with respect to the last few years, more run oriented.

    Thanks for your response.

  4. Understood — remember, we’re trying to explain W&L to a national audience and since 2006 was the last time they made the playoffs, that’s the frame of reference I was using to talk about W&L’s transformation.

  5. Good job as always – probably your most “eastern themed” podcast of the season (which was nice for this fan at least).

    One fact that bears mentioning re Pool Bs is if Norwich goes 9-1, they do have a member on the championship committee. Not saying that helps them get in, but it can’t hurt.

    As an aside, we had a good discussion with Appleton, WI native and RPI place kicker Peter Nilson yesterday on re the Alfred upset.

    Interesting discussion re the ranking and challenges directly therein given the aforementioned upsets as well teams generally staying put in the Top 25 – especially re Coe-Wartburg, Ursinus, Del Val and SJFC.

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