ATN Podcast 352: Can’t eclipse the Monon Bell

When Crawfordsville and Greencastle, Indiana, found themselves beneath a total eclipse last week, it turned out to be a great time to combine a rare celestial event with a chance to talk with the coaches in one of Division III football’s top rivalries. In the case of DePauw, that’s Brett Dietz, whose team has won the Monon Bell two years in a row and whose school has the Bell proudly displayed in the entryway to its athletic center. For Wabash, there are two people with head coach in their title — Don Morel, the current head coach who is retiring after this year, and Jake Gilbert, the new defensive coordinator who has been tabbed the coach-in-waiting.

We talk with each of them in this edition of the podcast.

Plus, there’s new technology slated to come to the sidelines in college football this season, when teams can have up to 18 tablets on the sidelines or in the press box to make use of in-game video. But how exactly would that work? We invited Chad Ostlund, football film strategist, to join us and let us know exactly what will be approved, and whether D-III schools should be jumping on this for this fall. (Spoilers: Jump on this for this fall. Chad can help you figure out how.)

Plus, the mailbag is full of questions about the American Southwest Conference and its neighbors, plus we talk about the growth of the North Coast Athletic Conference, and perhaps what’s to come? Patrick and Greg discuss that and more in this edition of the podcast.

The podcast is a weekly in-season podcast by Patrick Coleman and Greg Thomas, which was started in 2007.

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