ATN Podcast 353: Wait, can we call you back?

It’s not often that we’ve had to call a coach back the next day and ask follow-up questions, but when news broke less than 24 hours after we talked with Berry coach Tony Kunczewski, we knew we had to get his take on his team getting Randolph-Macon added to its schedule. For Berry, it’s one season after a 9-1 season with a low strength of schedule ended in disappointment — Kunczewski talks about that, about the watch party his team had last November, and how they are channeling that disappointing end in 2024.

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We also talk with Augustana coach Stephen Bell, coming off his team’s 8-2 regular season finish. And while the Culver’s Isthmus Bowl might have been a disappointment for the Vikings, it’s still a big step up for a program which hasn’t made the playoffs since 2005, but still holds the unbroken record of four consecutive Division III football national championships.

And since football schedules are almost entirely out and announced, Patrick and Greg went through the games that are in and each picked one game each week to spotlight and talk about.

The podcast is a weekly in-season podcast by Patrick Coleman and Greg Thomas, which was started in 2007. New episodes are published monthly in the offseason.

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