ATN Podcast 329: A new conference, state of NIL in D3, and a crazy idea for the ASC

Nobody at the American Southwest Conference is talking on the record — heck, there basically is nobody at the American Southwest Conference since they showed their commissioner the door, and two more schools left their all-sports membership not all that long ago.

This is desperate times calling for desperate measures for the ASC, and if you thought our last idea was a crazy one (Super Region 10 conference, anyone?), just wait until you hear what’s next. Pat Coleman and Greg Thomas discuss what options are left for the ASC, or instead, when the conference might lose its automatic bid, assuming the four remaining football programs can remain together.

While we wait for the ASC to lose an automatic bid, we have a new conference starting this fall with the Landmark Conference. When broke the news of this, back in February 2022, it was understood that the Landmark would have a football bid right away, and we talk with Susquehanna coach Tom Perkovich about the new conference, and having been on the wrong side of the at-large bubble a couple of seasons ago. Now that Perkovich has some control over his team’s schedule, he has some great matchups lined up and he talks about why he scheduled the teams he has.

Plus, we are joined by Karl Barkley, who runs @D3Direct, which you can find on most social media platforms. His goal is to shed light on the D-III recruiting process for incoming student-athletes, but also to talk about what D-III student-athletes can do with their Name, Image and Likeness rights. Nobody is signing deals for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but with a little hustle, D-III guys are finding ways to benefit from this NCAA legislation. He has examples and suggestions.

And we’re joined by Riley Zayas of True to the CruWe talk about some of the great non-conference games that Texas schools are taking part in this season. Plus, Greg talks about where the Landmark Conference might land in his Division III football conference rankings, plus more.

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