ATN Podcast 301: Vote coming on smaller conferences, pads in practice

If it seems like there is always something important about Division III football being voted on at the NCAA convention, well, we think you’re probably correct. This year, there is a significant proposal that could limit using pads in practice during the fall, but add time with pads and helmets in the spring.

This proposal is long and convoluted. Should it be broken up into smaller pieces and voted on individually? What does it even mean for Division III football teams and coaches.

The second proposal is much shorter but could have much longer-ranging effects. If the proposal to reduce the number of teams needed for an automatic bid in Division III sports is changed from seven teams to six, there could be one at-large bid which disappears almost immediately, and we only have five to begin with. Pat Coleman talks about what the consequences could be for football. In addition, an expert panel talks about the reasonings behind the proposals and whether they will pass. That panel: Stevie Baker-Watson, the athletic director at DePauw; Brad Bankston, the commissioner of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference; Jason Fein, the athletic director at Bates and co-chair of the NCAA Division III management council; and Angel Mason, athletic director at Berry and Chair of the NCAA Financial Aid committee and the Division III Technology Committee.

Pat Coleman and Dave McHugh, sitting in for Greg Thomas, talk about it all in the latest Around the Nation Podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation covering the wide range of Division III football.

This podcast contains excerpts from a much longer Hoopsville podcast on To hear or see the full version, go to Hoopsville.

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  1. Now … does the SCAC, which with Centenary starting football in 2024 (, convince St. Thomas or another conference school to start football so it can once again sponsor the sport? Couldn’t do it back in the mid 10’s when they needed three more schools to add football, but needing only one, plus looking at the challenge of getting students in seats these days – hmm….

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