ATN Podcast 250: The one with the milestone

Yes, this is podcast No. 250. At this point, the milestones come fairly frequently, so we won’t bore regular listeners with too many old clips or stories about strange places we’ve recorded this podcast, but we couldn’t let a round number go unmentioned.

This is the week Chapman played its way into the Top 25, and Bethel nearly played itself out of the Top 10, and UW-Whitewater methodically got past UW-Platteville. But it’s also the week where an off-the-beaten-path highlight meant a team that has struggled got to celebrate a win, and another team celebrated a win 8 seconds too early and had it cost them. Plus it’s a week where one team had just five first downs and won, and an offensive juggernaut was held to 90-some yards passing, and there were four touchdowns in a 126-second span.

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Pat and Keith talk about it all in the latest Around the Nation Podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan and guests covering the wide range of Division III football.

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