ATN Podcast 239: The one with actual games

If you are new to Division III football with the start of the season, welcome. If you are new to this podcast, welcome. If you are a longtime listener, hey, you’re welcome as well and it’s nice to have you back.

It’s nice to have games back as well. After a nine-month offseason, Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan are pleased to have actual games to talk about and get ready to kick off the 2019 season.

On our first game day podcast of the season, we get you set for the season by talking about all of the things that make Division III unique, such as the lack of cross-country travel and the lack of non-conference games in general, and we tell you why we can’t make comparisons to Division I.

Pat and Keith and contributors go around the horn to preview their game to watch for this weekend, which kicks off Thursday night all across the country, plus Pat details a quarterback you likely haven’t heard of, but should, and Keith goes all presidential, in a way. There are predictions and more games to keep an eye on than you can shake a stick at.

Pat and Keith talk about it all in the latest Around the Nation Podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan and guests covering the wide range of Division III football.

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