Around the Nation Podcast 207: Fred’s back

While the rest of you were no doubt glued to C-SPAN or your news network of choice to watch a certain hearing of sorts from Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Pat and Keith were listening to a certain interview from Belton, Texas. That’s right, Mary Hardin-Baylor coach Pete Fredenburg is back, and there’s going to be trouble … potentially, for UMHB’s opponents. Fredenburg talks about what it was like being kept on the sidelines (and away from the sidelines), the team’s unexpected riches at the quarterback position, what’s the word on the young defense and more in this game day edition of the Around the Nation podcast.

Plus, the big games have big conference implications riding on them, including in the CCIW, the Centennial, the WIAC, the ODAC, the ECFC … you get the picture. Week 5 is shaping up to be a big one. Plus, one of the schools playing in one of the aforementioned conference’s big games changed offensive coordinators. What?

That and more on the Game Day version of the Around the Nation Podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan and guests covering the wide range of Division III football. 

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Photo: Pete Fredenburg won’t be watching Mary Hardin-Baylor from the background any longer. ( photo)

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For all those wondering at the “old funky knickers” reference in this week’s podcast, it’s from a blog post about rivalries from 2006:

Old Funky Knickers

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