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Watch the game on ESPNU, listen to it on, and interact with us here as Mount Union takes on St. Thomas in Stagg Bowl XL. The Purple Raiders are seeking their 11th national championship and first since 2008. The Tommies are making their first appearance in Salem.

Two of the nation’s top defenses will try to slow two sophomore quarterbacks who have been playing beyond their years in this postseason. How will the Tommies’ handle their first championship game? Will the Purple Raiders seniors play tense, knowing this is their last chance to avoid becoming the first Mount Union class without a ring since the 1989 freshmen?

Let us know your thoughts on the game and interact with us throughout the night.

41 thoughts on “Stagg Bowl XL Live Blog

  1. Mount Union marches down the field on first possession. A big pass play to Collins and a swing pass to Denton set up a one-yard TD run by Simon. 7-0 Purple Raiders, 12:50 to play in first quarter.

  2. Purple Raiders defense holds, offense takes over on their own 15 yard line. St. Thomas defense really needs a stop here.

  3. Tommie defense with a nice job getting the ball back for their offense. O’Connell and the Tommies will start on their 18 yard line

  4. Tommies pick up another first down, but forced to punt again. Big plays by Fechko and Dieuseul for Purple Raiders defense.

  5. Dieuseul blocks the punt after a high snap, picks it up himself and takes it in for the score. 14-0 UMU, 3:37 to play 1Q

  6. Tommies finally catch a break, as PI called on UMU on a ball that looked very uncatchable. Tommies in UMU territory now. Freshman Jack Kaiser now the running back for UST.

  7. Willie Schneider with a nice catch and run, as Driskill misses the tackle. Tommies at the UMU 27. First threat of the game for UST offense.

  8. WHOA! Tommies with 4th & 4 at UMU 10-yard line. Fake the field goal attempt and Ferrazzo rushes it in for the score. 14-7 UMU lead with 13:31 to play in 2nd quarter

  9. Neither sophomore QB in this game is afraid to take a hit. Impressed with their footwork and aggression.

  10. A holding penalty on 1st down leads to a 3&out for UST. Maloney’s punt not blocked. Instead, it goes 52 yards and is downed at the 3 yard line.

  11. 3rd down blitz from UST forces incompletion. Purple Raiders forced to punt. Tommies nearly block punt, will take over at their 33. 14-7 UMU leads with 7:22 left in 2Q

  12. Tommies offense is finding its rhythm. O’Connell seems more comfortable on this drive. UST about to enter the red zone again.

  13. Tommies try a double reverse flea-flicker. It doesn’t work. On the next play, O’Connell stands in the pocket while getting drilled, tosses a beautiful pass, but freshman wideout Matt Misiewicz drops a would-be touchdown.

  14. Tommies go for it on 4th down from the UMU 30. CB Isaiah Scott on the blitz, blows up O’Connell as he throws. Purple Raiders take over on downs.

  15. Paul Carlson with a big sack of the elusive Burke. 3rd and long for Purple Raiders. Riley Dombek with a sack on 3rd down. UMU forced to punt again.

  16. 14-7 at halftime. Tommies have outgained Purple Raiders, 159-136. Dieuseul’s blocked punt and return the difference in this one. Tommies have not backed down at all.

  17. Tommies go backwards on first drive of second half, then punt. Purple Raiders benefit from phantom facemask call, enter UST territory on their first possession of the half.

  18. What a play by Ryan Deitz. Strips the ball from Chris Denton on the punt return. Tommies recover and are in business, starting at UMU 27.

  19. Many thought the only way UST would have a chance in this game is defense, special teams, and turnovers. So far, the Tommies are getting it done in all three of those phases.

  20. Burke spreading the passes around, Simon running, Purple Raiders moving. Ball in UST territory, 4:16 to play in the third.

  21. Tyler Erstad on a safety blitz sacks Burke on first down. Purple Raiders now with 3rd & long at the UST 25.

  22. Denton redeems himself with a great catch in the end zone on 4th down. Bold play call by Mount Union pays off. Nice throw from Burke, great adjustment, catch, and footwork from the man they call “Uno”

  23. UST penalty, then UMU sack. Momentum is back on the Mount Union sideline. Purple Raiders take a 21-10 lead into the 4th quarter.

  24. No flag thrown, but penalty on Purple Raiders. UST goes from 3rd and 27 to 1st and 10. Looks like a hit on O’Connell out of bounds by Fechko. Not a bad call, just no visible flag on the play.

  25. Isaiah Scott with a huge interception to get the ball back for Mount Union. Didn’t bite on double move, timed his jump perfectly. Purple Raiders in control now, 21-10 lead with the ball with 11:45 to play.

  26. 0:00. Fireworks. Mount Union wins Stagg Bowl XL, 28-10. The seniors get their first championship. Congrats to the Purple Raiders.

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