ATN Podcast: Past performance not indicative

Huntingdon's Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson caught two TD passes for Huntingdon in a win at Hampden-Sydney.
Huntingdon athletics file photo

As much as the Division III landscape was turned upside down last week, it reset this weekend, with Buffalo State losing big to Alfred, Brockport State losing at Kean and UW-Whitewater winning big. But the struggles by Wesley to win at Louisiana College and the occasional offensive woes from Whitewater make us reconsider what we believed about their preseason quarterback situation. Why do we like Justin Sottilare and Lee Brekke so much in 2012 based on what they did in 2010? And then contrast that with Mount Union, which isn’t going with its 2010 quarterback at all.

Plus we talk about Wabash’s surprise loss, Huntingdon jumping into the Top 25, Mary Hardin-Baylor’s season, Widener’s 90-point drubbing of Wilkes, Western Connecticut’s near upset and much more.

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4 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: Past performance not indicative

  1. i wait all week for the 1 hour d3 podcast!! i just have one question.. how is Concordia-Moorhead not raked yet? but Franklin is. I still believe if a team chooses to play a D2 school it’s kind of their own fault.. they got crushed my mount Union and crushed by butler and beat two winless teams and they play in one of the weakest confrences.. Other than Franklin.. loved the podcast and top 25 ranking

  2. Butler is I-AA non-scholarship, for what it’s worth. I agree that Franklin is perhaps a little overranked but I am not yet sold on Concordia-Moorhead. Waiting for them to play the stronger teams on the schedule.

    I don’t agree that you should punish a team for playing a team at another level. We should punish a team for losing to a team it shouldn’t lose to. But why would we break the ranking if it was right? Franklin has not proven the ranking wrong yet.

  3. I do agree that Moorhead has to win at least one more game to be ranked.. I guess you and I are both from minnesota and know how good the MIAC can be. Every year I print out the standings, figure out the better confrences and write down confrence wins and loses.. I think the HCAC conference is 2-15 in non confrence. I guess all i can see is that Franklin holds onto a top 25 ranking all year just by playing weaker apponents.. I guess the HCAC would probobly have to win their confrence to make the playoffs anyways so ranking really would not come into affect.. we will see, thats the beauty of football, every week changes!! I absolutely do agree with you Pat that Mount Union is a sure loss and Butler is almost a sure loss which obviously Franklin still has time to prove if they are worthy of that ranking

  4. A few years ago, who would have thought that beating St. John’s would not be enough to convince people? Times are a changin’ in the MIAC. Also, there’s a good story that is in What We’re Reading on the home page about the MIAC.

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