ATN Podcast: Time to re-evaluate?

Ohio Northern
Ohio Northern survived an upset bid by Otterbein, setting up an interesting conundrum for the people who like to play comparative scores.
Ohio Northern athletics photo

If you like playing the comparative scores game, you know, where X beat Y by 3 and Y beat Z by 3, therefore X would beat Z. But just try to wrap your mind around the direct correlation between Ohio Northern and Gallaudet, each of whom played Otterbein at home and went to overtime. Or figure out what to make of Hardin-Simmons … beating Willamette … which lost a close game to UW-Stevens Point … which got shut down by UW-Platteville … etc.

It gets even more complicated. Thankfully Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman can make at least some sense of it in this week’s Around the Nation Podcast.

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One thought on “ATN Podcast: Time to re-evaluate?

  1. Pat/Keith,

    It seems a little premature to say “what if?” this early in the season. That being said, it was interesting to hear your perspective on some of the strategy for going for two and the win versus settling for a tie to go into overtime. Hindsight seems to always be 20/20, eh?

    On another note concerning Pat’s comment about nirvana here in MN being able to see/hear 4 different games in one afternoon I’ll say this: while that may be true – it’s like looking for hen’s teeth to find ANYTHING written about D3 Football in either of the two major newspapers in the twin cities. They just don’t follow D3 Football at all before or during the season. And post season is scant. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that only the pro teams in the area get any kind of in-depth reporting. There are at least 3 conferences (4 or more if you count northern Iowa teams) western WIAC, MIAC, UMAC and the independent Macalaster all within a 100 mile radius of the airport. That’s something like 25 to 30 teams. It’s no better for D2 teams either.

    You guys are the only game in town when it comes to regional analysis which is why I follow you guys so closely. I wish you had regional syndicated writers that one of the two papers could pick up so we get that “down home” taste of what’s shakin’ in the neighborhood. Maybe some day.

    So my hats off to you guys for doing all that you do.


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