Thank you, UW-Stevens Point

Those of you who were listening to last couple of hours of our Wheaton-Franklin broadcast probably were puzzled by the occasional references to our Stevens Point studios. That was born out of necessity, but worked like a charm.

At the high school stadium which Franklin used to host its game on Saturday, there were not enough phone lines, so three lines were installed for the radio broadcasts. By the time my brother Ryan and I got to Stevens Point, Wis., where we were getting ready to cover the UW-Whitewater/UW-Stevens Point basketball doubleheader, it was clear these new phone lines were not going to get the job done, as Gordon Mann had been cut off a half-dozen times and the Franklin broadcast had been knocked off multiple times as well.

Luckily, experience has taught me that a new phone line is a disaster waiting to happen, so we traveled prepared. I had a small converter that allowed me to record a cellphone conversation, one we used on Selection Sunday and that is also our ATN Podcast backup. With a couple of patch cables, which (yes) I did bring, we had it wired into the laptop. And thankfully, UW-Stevens Point’s network was available and robust.

So thanks to UW-Stevens Point Sports Information Director Mitch Capelle, who had an broadcast studio in his office for two hours on Saturday afternoon.

It’s not the most jerry-rigged broadcast I’ve been a part of, but I did kind of feel like I was back in 2001. And at least the last half of the game stayed online.

Now, as for Gordon, standing outside in the snow talking into a cellphone (no room in the press box), I can only hope he’s thawed out.

I normally wouldn’t post such an ‘inside baseball’ story, but there were some questions about it so I thought I’d share.

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  1. I think that we need a list from Gordon Mann detailing the venues from which he has broadcasted…maybe as an end of the year piece and even sport specific.


  2. Glad to hear Point could be accommodating and the broadcast got through. Now if only they could have been a little more accommodating to our Warhawk basketball teams yesterday… 🙁

  3. I listened at times to all three broadcasts from Franklin and once Gordon was on consistently I stayed with him. He was very good and though he was alone and cold, he was very consistent. Thanks Pat, Gordon, and team. Great job.

  4. Ha, thanks for the kind words everyone.

    I appreciate the effort that Franklin put forth in installing the new phone lines. They did that at their own expense and tried to do the best with a rough situation. The press box was very large, but most of it was devoted to space for the coaches.

    I was also very impressed with the two broadcasters from Franklin who worked aside of me. They were professional and fought threw very frustrating technical problems and a disappointing result.

    And thanks to Stevens Point. It would’ve been very disappointing to travel halfway across the country, stand out in the cold and not be able to stay on the air.

  5. I have to say thanks to Steven’s Point for a whole different reason. Thank you for beating the Warhawks this season so that we can play them on our own turf! You guys rock!

  6. Very interesting predictions.

    How does one figure out how good or bad UWW is vs MHB.

    Facts about UW-W football team

    UW-W has a big and fast offensive Line and on the defensive line is also big and fast. This years team has Speed. In my opinion this years team is faster than in the past – defensive backs, LBs, and defensive line. Very good athletes all around

    UW-W is a very good team. – lost one game this year -to Stevens Point

    They played a flat game – too many mistakes they beat themselves – period.
    SP wasn’t over powering – they were a good team but if the two played 10 times – UWW would win better than 75% of the time.

    Wartburg beat Stevens Point and UW-W beat Wartburg. If UWW played Wartburg. ten times – UWW would be 9 and 1 maybe 10 and 0.

    UW-Whitewater is a good team offensively and defensively.

    Don’t worry – UWW will show up on Sat. – too good of a team to get beat by any team but themselves. That is what happened at the Stevens Point game.- UW-Whitewater beat themselves. Too many mistakes and played flat.

    It could happen vs MHB- but the coaching staff is a good one at UWW. They will have UW-W players ready. MHB has speed – so does UWW linebacker – they swarm and gang tackle. Corners – very quick and sure tacklers. Go Troney – one of the leaders and players on this years team. Defensive Ends for UW-W – fast – MHB offensive will have their hands full. Anthony White has been beating all offensive Tackles all year – MHB QB many will be sore after this game. He will be hit and hit and hit by AW. He is so fast – he runs down running back from the back side behind the line of scrimmage. Jon Balwin – a real good player- He will make plays also. The guys in the Middle DeFrane, Ankley and Hicks. Very strong and will be hard to get big gaines on them up the middle.

    LB’s fast, strong and sure tacklers – this is UW-W big defensive strength. They show up every game. Too many all americans have come from UW-W over the years – this is no exception.

    UW-W Running backs – UW-W is loaded – 3 and 4 deep – doesn’t matter who is running – the offensive line is very strong, fast, and will pound the rock and dominate most teams.

    UW-W can run and pass

    If you can stop their running – they can pass.

    pass receivers – fast, and can catch the ball – Rusch, Gifford, Wells, Brandes, Robinson – all fast, big and strong. Too many good receives to stop one of them – Tight ends – block well and can catch when passed to.

    I don’t have any real comments about MHB -I haven’t watched them play this year. This is a big point I want to make – if you haven’t seen the two teams play this year – how can you make a prediction. It is like comparing apples to cars. I sure can’t say who will win and my how much.

    to get to the simi final – you have to be a good team – MHB from the past games I have personally viewed – They have always been fast, and played hard. and show up to play football. But their Record — 0 and 3 vs UWW-

    What does that say- will be a good game for sure. Who ever wins – goes to the Stagg Bowl. UW-W has been there for the past 3 years. That should say something – also UW_W is the defending National Champions of D3 Football. I guess that doesn’t mean much but Will find on on Sat in Belton, TX.

    Mistakes will be the deciding factor – no mistake – that team will win, but we all know football games are not mistake free. It should be a close game – it will come down to who makes the fewest mistakes.

    Go Warhawks Go

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