ATN Podcast: High fives, sevens

So our predictions weren’t great this week. But picking five road teams to win in the second round of the playoffs was more than a lot of people could have pictured. Two seventh seeds advancing? Well, we did nail that one, at least.

Keith McMillan did the home game this past week, so he watched and listened to pretty much everything, while Pat Coleman took the trip west to Willamette. And the red-eye home. Still catching up on sleep.

But while that happens, you can get their take on a great weekend of Division III playoff football.

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60 thoughts on “ATN Podcast: High fives, sevens

  1. Good points K-Mack:

    RE: Wheaton/Trine v Franklin/Trine: the point I was trying to make was Franklin fans cannot say Franklin/Trine was an aberration but then say NCC/Franklin was not. I don’t believe either game to be an aberration but the NCC team that lost to Franklin is not the same team that handled Wheaton.

    Using your example, Keith, if Wheaton turned it over 4x vs Trine and won 14-0 and Franklin turned it over 4x and lost 30-27, doesn’t that say something about Wheaton/Franklin?

  2. USee: First, I’m trying to find where Franklin fans have said the Franklin/Trine game was an aberration….must have missed that. Also trying to find where anyone said the NCC game was not? I guess I missed that too. The fact is, as I remember it, Franklin actually had 6 turnovers at Trine, not 4. Anytime you give any good team that many more possessions than they would otherwise have had, you’re in trouble….that’s just football. Also curious why the NCC team that Franklin beat this past Saturday was not “the same one” that handled Wheaton earlier in the season? Haven’t seen that reported anywhere else? In any event, I’m not going to beat the “no respect”” drum anymore out of “respect” for you! I’ll just re-phrase it as “consistently perceived underdogs” in spite of what they seem to consistently do, and we’ll leave it at that. Saturday should be an awesome game with two very high quality teams…..”Gotcha popcorn ready?”
    GO GRIZ!!!!!!

  3. Just trying to set the record as straight as possible — FRANKLIN turned the ball over 5 times at Trine. And those 5 turnovers were critical in that 4 of them occurred in Franklin territory – giving Trine short field offensive possessions and scores from 26, 20, 2 and 35 yards !! And the only score that they did NOT get from a turnover was a 39 yard drive after a bad punt. Trine had ONLY 1 offensive possession that covered more than 39 yards ALL day– and they didn’t score on that one !! Of the 4 WHEATON turnovers — TWO were inside the Trine 10 yard line (5,7) taking away 2 likely scores for Wheaton, one was at the 50 and one at the Wheaton 46.

    As far as the NCC game — NCC did NOT have their starting QB Aaron Fanthorpe for almost the entire 2nd half and lost a lot of plays from their main running back Dominic Sulo as well. This in no way diminishes the Franklin DEFENSIVE effort which, after the first 2 drives, really stood up and took control of the line of scrimmage. I’m guessing that NCC was at optimum full strength against Wheaton. I again refer to an earlier post pointing out the personnel losses Franklin has dealt with this year, including Gorrell, Henke, Mellencamp.

    And I agree with Keith (ok – this time only) the Franklin-Wheaton game IS the game of the week !! But I’ve considered the Franklin game every week the game of the week !! GO GRIZ !!

  4. NCC lost several starters since the Wheaton game to injury. as mentioned Fanthorpe (POY in the CCIW) missed much of the second half and Sulo (best RB in the conference) also missed time. They lost at least 2 starting WR and Wenger (the best player on the field) was playing with a knee injury. None of that existed vs Wheaton. I also know at least 2 of the OL were not playing or playing hurt. But everyone is a little banged up at this time of year. Clearly, beating NCC at their place is a great accomplishment.

    as far as the Trine game–grizfan4 just posted more excuses about Franklin’s performance. That’s not the first time either. I don’t see how a 5 seed hosting a 7 is an underdog but if that gets you fired up go for it.

    Remember, respect is earned not given. I can assure you Franklin has Wheaton’s respect. Heck, the Thunder are playing like they were lucky to even get in in the playoffs. 🙂

  5. I’m really hoping for Mount/Franklin in one semi-final and Whitewater/MHB in the other. The fireworks with Micheli & Kmic vs. Rupp would be a blast to watch and would be great contrast to the great defenses on display in Belton.

    Now if I only had something to do with the actual outcomes…………….

  6. Read your commets, then read D3Keith’s comments below, it tells the story.

    46thPresident Says:

    December 3rd, 2008 at 11:31 pm
    cru crushed

    in no way does that make any sense… how is a 3 point game not close??? and who pulls starters in a second round playoff game??? YOU ONLY HAVE A 52 MAN ROSTER!!! lol how many starters can you pull?

    Re: W&J losing by 3.

    Technically that’s true, but UMHB led 27-7 in that game and led 30-20 before W&J scored with 5 seconds left to make it 30-27. Not knocking that or saying that score doesn’t count, but it’s not the same thing as being tied 27-27 and UMHB needing a last-second field goal to win.

    “NUF SED”

    I will have to buy you a soda during the half, they don’t sell beer at the game. I was to be on W&J sideline as well, but may not be able to, may have to sit in the stands. I am a football official here in Texas.

  7. USEE — U disappoint me … I did not post “excuses” this time or at any time in the past !! I put the stats from the games out there for everyone to judge. What happened – happened … and if you read it without your preconceived opinion you might just see that I agree with YOU regarding Wheaton “dominating” Trine, and Franklin losing to Trine, both outcomes largely determined by those aforementioned stats. I believe this will be Franklin’s and Wheaton’s most difficult test of the season, if for no other reason than here we are in the ELITE 8 – just 2 games away from a National title !! I also agreed with you regarding the relative health of NCC at the times they faced Franklin and Wheaton. I have not at any time claimed any of the results were aberrations. I also haven’t needed to post anything to “get me fired up”. In reality, you and I both are in agreement here. I just happen to have a rooting interest that you do not. And I thought we were buds ….

  8. After reading all the comments one can see the enthusiasm displayed by true football playoff fans. If UMHB continues to dominate on defense they will win the game against W&J. Both teams are young on both sides of the ball and it will come down to who wants it the most. Good luck to all who are left in the playoffs.

  9. Grizfan4, my apologies. I am mixing up my debate platforms. On the CCIW board Griz_backer said the Franlin/Trine game was an “aberration” due to the turnovers. You are right. I wrongly attributed your post to “more of the same”. careless mistake.

    We are definitely friends! 🙂

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