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1 p.m. kickoffs on the East Coast are approaching, and while Pat and I are checking out Huntingdon at Wesley, like you all, we’ll be watching games — literally, on D3Cast — and scores from around the country. Feel free to join in the conversation below.

We detailed some games to watch in this week’s Around the Nation column and in Friday’s Triple Take post on the Dose. I’ll be following along with you, but give us updates from whereever you are, from La Crosse, Wis. (hint, hint) to anywhere.

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  1. Props to the vs. AFCA polls from Frank Rajkowski in the extended pregame broadcast. Shoulder pads are off; it’s supposed to be a long delay.

  2. Hobart 28, WPI 14, 6 minutes left in the half with Hobart driving. 2 & 1 at the WPI 34.

    Millsaps leads Depauw 7-3, 7:40 left in the 2Q. (Game in Greencastle, IN.)

  3. OK,
    I see the La Crosse-Whitewater game doesn’t kickoff until later (duh), so let’s get some 1 p.m. EDT updates going.

    Figuring it’d be a while before we could get to Alabama, and knowing how important seeing Huntingdon would be given their schedule (they play teams from the WIAC, ACFC, ODAC, MIAA, USAC, ASC and more, giving us a valuable tool to compare conference strength), Pat and I made the trip to Dover, Del.

    Wesley, known for its speed, not size, actually dwarfed the Hawks’ size, something that’s apparently been common along the way for Huntingdon. But after falling behind 14-0, they’ve proved themselves to be a scrappy bunch, getting a stop deep in Wesley territory and marching the length of the field, only to have a field goal attempt from the 2 blocked. Wesley, for its part, doesn’t look a whole lot sharper than it did in Week 1. For the Wolverines to reach the heights they’ve seen the past two years, they’re really going to have to tighten their game.

    Around the nation early, scores opening eyes … Salisbury beating NNA 42-7 in the 2nd, Olivet leading Wisconsin Lutheran 55-2 at the half and tight games so far at Moravian (vs. Dickinson, a fellow 4-0 from the CC) and at DePauw (vs. Millsaps, a contender for the SCAC crown).

    What are people seeing and hearing today?

  4. Millsaps leads 7-3 early in the second half; Jeremiah Marks is not playing for DPU. Two turnovers have hurt the Majors who have close to a 2:1 lead in total yardage.

  5. Wesley leading comfortably, 21-0. Huntingdon has put a couple of drives together, but has had two field goals blocked. Kept a drive alive with a fake punt but Teron Murray (6-5 freshman receiver) blocked a field goal attempt.

  6. Millsaps takes a 21-3 lead on the second play of the fourth quarter, a 22-yd toss from Joseph to Louis Conley. They’ve gained 384 yards to DePauw’s 161. Neither team has been able to run the ball – 33 yards for Millsaps, 24 for DePauw so far.

  7. Hampden-Syndey scores on a hook-and-lateral play with :44 seconds left to take the lead over Bridgewater, 38-31.

  8. Crazy finish out in Hartford this afternoon, NESCAC style.

    Williams scores with 0:13 left to tie Trinity, 30-30. Fumble on the PAT attempt and the game remains tied.

  9. No. 3 St. John’s trails Carleton 7-3 late with 3:40 left. Knights’ announcer says, “If Carleton hangs on here, I tell ya, the good Lord can take me right now.” 🙂

  10. SJU survives 10-7 with all points in fourth.

    Record-setting SJU QB Kurt Ramler ages Gagliardi 10 years …

    Patnode runs for 250 …

  11. Linfield field goal gives the Wildcats a 32-30 lead with 2:30 left. Willamette trying to drive for the win.

  12. HSU 35, at Miss College 28; 2:01 left HSU ball and driving. Feaster to Alexander 33-yd gain to the MC 24.

  13. Hartwick hit a field goal with about four minutes left.

    St. John Fisher tried to convert on fourth and goal from the 3 with 18 seconds left, passing up a game-tying field goal attempt, and failed.

  14. Scoreboard updating between last week and this week is much improved. Kudos to those responsible for making it happen.

  15. 4 of the top DIII 12 teams lose (almost 5 if not for SJU’s win in the final seconds), 5 of the top 16, and 6 of the top 25 (#25 North Central vs. North Park score not in yet). All lose to unranked teams except UW-La Crosse. Crazy….

  16. From the way it sounded, Whitewater and St. John’s should have lost, and there was carnage all throughout the top 25, going back to last night.

    Top 25 movement, with teams losing, is not compleltely atypical for this point in the season, but this was definitely a lot on one day.

    Casting this week’s ballot is going to take forever.

  17. SJU drive chart is fairly telling …

    SJU 1st C21 14:01 Fumble C31 10:37 Downs 6–10 3:24#
    SJU 1st V20 07:33 Interception C25 02:48 Interception 10-55 4:45
    SJU 1st V20 01:16 Missed FG C16 12:01 Downs 11-64 4:15#
    SJU 2nd V34 09:08 Punt C24 04:26 Downs 11-42 4:42#
    SJU 2nd V48 02:20 Punt C27 00:58 Interception 5-25 1:22
    SJU 2nd V17 00:00 Downs V17 00:00 End of half 0-0 0:00
    SJU 3rd V41 15:00 Kickoff V44 12:54 Punt 3-3 2:06
    SJU 3rd C38 11:19 Punt C00 09:22 Fumble 5-38 1:57#
    SJU 3rd V27 06:44 Punt V37 04:32 Interception 6-10 2:12
    SJU 3rd V35 03:16 Kickoff V34 01:06 Punt 4–1 2:10
    SJU 4th V26 14:38 Punt C07 08:17 *FIELD GOAL 14-67 6:21#
    SJU 4th C28 03:40 Punt C00 00:56 *TOUCHDOWN 7-28 2:44#
    SJU 4th V13 00:00 Interception V13 00:00 End of half 0-0 0:00

    But I hope amid all the talk of SJU’s struggles that Ramler gets the credit he deserves. Carleton is improving and he apparently had the Knights very well prepared to face his old team…

  18. How about them Warhawks? What a comeback at LaCrosse. LaCrosse dominated the first half, but some serious adjustments\coaching makes all the difference in the second half. Pretty impressive given the new players and staff.

  19. Gordon – I don’t know if it was my computer or not, but I kept losing connectivity for the Kings game at Delaware Valley. Quick question…….last week you had put Kings in your Top Three of MAC offenses (with DVC as your second best MAC defense). Was the shutout a case of a very good defense being better than a pretty good offense or does DVC have an even better defense than most of us thought given their significant losses from last season (Silver, Porter, Murphy, Bliss, etc.)? After Kings put 33 points up on the board against Hampden-Sydney, I was stunned to hear about the shutout.

    Also, with Sheffield getting back to full strength, I would love to see replays of the Iona and Wesley games!

    Keith – Got the Philly doubleheader today…….Phils vs. Nationals down at Citizens Bank and then Eagles vs. Giants at the Meadowdump. The beauty of living and working in the burbs……..with acceptable proximity to the major metro areas!!

  20. dukefinadv

    Just a WARNING!!! Took me an hour to get out of the parking lot after the Phils game last night. Yopu may miss kickoff!


    I see Hieland getting more time at WR. I think when he gets a little more college weight on him he will be a real good go to player

  21. Duke:

    Thanks for the message. The broadcast problem was on our end, not your’s. Sorry for the trouble. It should be resolved by the next home game (October 13).

    As for King’s-Del Val, one explanation is that the No. 3 offense in my very unofficial rankings was not as strong as the No. 2 defense in those rankings. King’s was better than the score indicated though. The Monarchs had 310 yards but couldn’t finish any drives.

    Still, I feel pretty comfortable saying there are some very good defensive units in this conference and not as much offense this year. I am surprised at how well Del Val has played despite graduating so many seniors. The young CBs have done well, the pass rush has been good and a couple very good, young linebackers have emerged.

    This coming week will be a big test because Leb Val runs the ball very well.


    The Aggies seem to be easing Heiland in. He has a few catches on the same pattern, which basically involves a sideline pass with another WR to block for him and letting him try to create with his quickness.

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