Whitewater/La Crosse classic

With three stories in the local newspaper and two highlight/news packages from a local television station, the UW-Whitewater/UW-La Crosse game got the coverage a game between two top six teams would merit at any level.

Matt Gifford's touchdown cut UWL's lead to 28-26.Joel Badzinski’s La Crosse Tribune game story described how the game went from La Crosse runaway, to nailbiter, to all Whitewater down the stretch, as the No. 3 Warhawks scored the final 25 points to take a 28-10 deficit to a 35-28 win.

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A La Crosse Tribune secondary story talks how the game cemented Danny Jones’ place with the Warhawks.

“I’m real happy for him because now more than ever he feels like he’s a part of this football team,” Whitewater coach Lance Leipold said.

A La Crosse Tribune column talks about La Crosse’s search for an identity.

“You can’t cruise to a win. You’ve got to keep scoring,” said (Ted) Everson, whose seven-reception, 205-yard receiving, two-touchdown day went for naught. “We are up 18 in the fourth quarter, and we are certainly playing to win. We didn’t get too comfortable with that (lead). Our offense had more opportunities, but Whitewater stepped it up.”

WKBT had a postgame report with highlights, interviews with players from both sides and analysis. It runs 5:38 and requires Windows Media Player. You can see the hit which knocked quarterback Griffin Moe out of the game and hear him talk in the postgame.

The station also cut up even more highlights into an un-narrated package that runs a little longer, 5:49.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote about how the Warhawks managed the comeback even with Justin Beaver on the sidelines with a third quarter leg cramp.

Reads and looks like another great game.

7 thoughts on “Whitewater/La Crosse classic

  1. Great coverage. I’d like to see Whitewater get something approaching the coverage that LaCrosse appears to get on a game by game basis. Can’t wait to watch the replay on Tuesday night.

    I was at the Brewers game, and we got occasional score updates on Wisc-Mich St, but of course nothing on any WIAC games. Was a real eye-popper when I got home and found out how it unfolded.

  2. Wow. That’s the best local coverage I’ve ever seen for a Division III football game. The newspaper and television stations both did an outstanding job.

  3. dukefinadv Says:

    September 30th, 2007 at 10:51 am
    Gordon – I don’t know if it was my computer or not, but I kept losing connectivity for the Kings game at Delaware Valley. Quick question…….last week you had put Kings in your Top Three of MAC offenses (with DVC as your second best MAC defense). Was the shutout a case of a very good defense being better than a pretty good offense or does DVC have an even better defense than most of us thought given their significant losses from last season (Silver, Porter, Murphy, Bliss, etc.)? After Kings put 33 points up on the board against Hampden-Sydney, I was stunned to hear about the shutout.

    Also, with Sheffield getting back to full strength, I would love to see replays of the Iona and Wesley games!

    Keith – Got the Philly doubleheader today…….Phils vs. Nationals down at Citizens Bank and then Eagles vs. Giants at the Meadowdump. The beauty of living and working in the burbs……..with acceptable proximity to the major metro areas!!

  4. La Crosse is a somewhat isolated City in western Wisconsin. Because of this the local media does a great job of covering UWL athletics. Whitewater, however, is close to Milwaukee and coverage is dominated by the Brewers/Bucks/Badgers which overshadows D3 sports and UWW. As a player at La Crosse, it was great to open the La Crosse Tribune on Sunday morning and see full page color coverage of our games. Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel reserves that kind of print for the Badgers and Brewers.

  5. Lax67,

    That is very true. But Gordon has a point. The La Crosse area coverage of UWL athletics is definitely far above the majority of the newspapers around the country, and I might even put it in the top 10% nationally for Div III athletics. Not just is it isolated in Wisconsin, but there isn’t a major college in Rochester (some 60 miles to the west and a much larger city, about 50% larger than La Crosse).

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