ATN Podcast 347: No more purple

Yep, that’s correct. You see the colors above, and nary a Purple Power to be found. No more UW-Whitewater, no Mount Union, and of course, none of those other prominent purple powerhouses that failed to make the field. Instead, you’ve got the familiar red of North Central, plus Cortland as actual Red Dragons, along with the Yellow Jackets of Randolph-Macon and the orange of Wartburg.

These teams got here through a pretty fantastic quarterfinal round, and Patrick and Greg talk about it all. We sit down with DeAngelo Hardy of North Central after his amazing day where he filled the stat sheet in ways you wouldn’t imagine possible in one person. Keith McMillan makes another return to the podcast and chats with Mitchell Johnson and Nick Hale, two of the four key running backs for Randolph-Macon. Zac Boyes talks about finding his receiver wide open on a key play that broke the Cortland game at Alma wide open, and Wartburg’s Hunter Clasen talks about catching the game-winning touchdown pass against UW-Whitewater.

Plus, our listener question: What does each team need to do defensively this week in order to succeed?

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Patrick Coleman and Greg Thomas discuss, in this edition of the podcast.

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