ATN Podcast 346: Heading to the quarterfinals

We used to do this preview podcasts all the time, before life and day jobs interfered. But it’s great to get back in the saddle, and do some longer interviews in this edition of the Around the Nation podcast.

Founding co-host Keith McMillan sits down for an in-depth conversation with Randolph-Macon coach Pedro Arruza as his team gets ready to take on Johns Hopkins in the quarterfinals. Arruza’s career as a head coach at Randolph-Macon has now reached 20 seasons, and that’s something considering he almost didn’t get past year No. 3. Keith and Pedro talk about that, plus what drove Arruza to become a head coach, and much more.

Patrick Coleman sits down with Alma quarterback Carter St. John. Yes, he joined us for Fast Five in 345 and talked about the final drive at Mount Union, but this is a new conversation about how St. John came to Alma rather than backing up a D-III quarterback you have definitely heard of at another school in the region. Plus, how far the kilt wearing has spread on the team, and whether a name like Carter St. John really lends itself to a fine clothing line. (Psst, it does.)

We also chat with Curt Fitzpatrick, who is bringing his Cortland team to Alma this upcoming weekend. You’ll hear about the Red Dragons’ unexpected itinerary, plus get an early look at how Cortland quarterback Zac Boyes compares to St. John. Fitzpatrick also talks about the difference between his team’s two very different playoff performances so far in this bracket.

And we wrap up our conversations with UW-Whitewater cornerback and Gagliardi Trophy semifinalist Egon Hein. He talks about playing for a new head coach and a new defensive coordinator, ones who are hardly new to the program at all, as well as what it’s like to play in front of all those people at Perkins Stadium, preparing for the Nameless Gray Face on the opposing side this week, playing with his brother, and much more.

Plus, Trevor Castle brought us a great question: How did North Central get to this dominant position, and who are the programs that are poised to make that next step themselves?

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Patrick Coleman and Greg Thomas discuss, in this edition of the podcast.

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