ATN Podcast 344: Running down the first round

In our first week of playoffs, the teams that should have been hosting went and won on the road anyway, and while we only had a couple of games go down to the final possession, those were certainly thrilling, memorable games. Endicott gets so close to winning a playoff game once again. Susquehanna almost avoided getting upset at home for a second year in a row. Wheaton just got past Mount St. Joseph.

Patrick and Greg talk about all 16 games in the first round, plus some of the bowl games, and take your questions in this edition of the podcast.

Jason Couch, head coach of Alma, winners of 11 games for the second year in a row, joins us for Fast Five. Thanks to the magic of schools posting their postgame news conferences to social media, it’s possible to hear from people all over the country with their reactions about their games.

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Plus, did the Presidents’ Athletic Conference redeem itself now that it finally got a chance to play non-conference games? Which teams are most likely to win road games next weekend? And what are Patrick and Greg thankful for?

Plus, we hand out game balls and spotlight the key stats in the bracket.

Patrick Coleman and Greg Thomas discuss, in this edition of the podcast.

The podcast is a weekly in-season podcast by Patrick Coleman and Greg Thomas, which was started in 2007.

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