ATN Podcast 306: From Columbia to Division III

This month’s podcast finishes our offseason series of conversations with new coaches at Division III playoff contenders, and we get to Podcast 306, where we talk to Carnegie Mellon head coach Ryan Larsen. Larsen is just 35 years old, and he replaced Rich Lackner, who had been head coach at CMU since literally before Larsen was born.

Larsen came from Columbia to take this job in Division III, and so did Andrae Murphy, the new head coach at Dean. In fact, Larsen and Dean had offices next to each other. We hear their stories of working together, plus Murphy talks about returning to Dean, his alma mater, which was a two-year school when he attended.

Murphy talks about his decision to join the U.S. Army between his playing career at Dean and the beginning of his coaching career, and Larsen tells us about the mantra that Murphy brought to the Columbia program, and is bringing to Dean.

Plus, we react to today’s news of a new Division III bowl game, the Lakefront Bowl, by matching up the remaining conferences that do not play postseason bowl games. So Pat and Greg run down the list and give every remaining potential game a name, and a sponsor. Who sponsors the ASC-SAA game? The SCIAC-NWC game? We’ve got ideas! And with preseason Top 25 season around the corner, Pat and Greg field a listener question asking which teams have the potential to be big movers up and down the poll from how last season ended.

Pat Coleman and Greg Thomas talk about it all in the latest Around the Nation Podcast. The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation covering the wide range of Division III football.

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2 thoughts on “ATN Podcast 306: From Columbia to Division III

  1. Wendy’s started in Columbus so they might be a more appropriate sponsor for OAC-NCAC Bowl than Steak n Shake.

  2. Another possibility for the ASC-SAA bowl, especially given the number of miles these kids spend on buses, would be Bucee’s. Bonus points for the mascot, so you could end up with the Bucee’s Beaver Bowl.

    [for those not in the South: Bucee’s is basically a truck stop on steroids (that doesn’t allow trucks) featuring locations with dozens and dozens of pumps, more junk food and souvenirs than you can shake a stick at, but which is most famous for its cavernous and amazingly clean restrooms.

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