Around the Nation Podcast 228: Down to four games

We’ve got one national semifi… no, sorry, four national quarterfinals, and we think three of them are shaping up to be pretty good, as RPI can certainly hold its own against Johns Hopkins, UW-Whitewater and Bethel should be a clash of similar teams and UMHB and St. John’s will give each other what should be the best test either of them has faced this year.

Of the eight head coaches on the sideline this upcoming Saturday, two of them have particularly challenging jobs ahead, preparing for those toughest tests, and since we’ve already talked to Pete Fredenburg this season on the podcast, we sit down with Gary Fasching, head coach of St. John’s. He talks us through what a team has to do to prepare for not only a top-notch opponent, but a long trip, on Podcast 228.

Pat, Keith, Adam Turer and Frank Rossi preview the four games, then Pat and Keith discuss them as well as we get you one complete hour of pregame coverage in your Game Day edition of the national quarterfinals on the Around the Nation Podcast.

The Around the Nation Podcast is a regular conversation between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan and guests covering the wide range of Division III football.

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Photo: Royals’ quarterback Jaran Roste in the spot the UW-Whitewater defense hopes it sees him often. (Photo by Scott Pierson,

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  1. We welcome the Johnnie’s to Belton…we’ve turned the heat on…beautiful 75 degree December day. Make yourself at home, grab some really good Texas barbeque (Miller’s Smokehouse or Schoepf’s) and enjoy our CRUthedral.

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