ATN Podcast: Kickoff and KICKOFF approaching

Every August, Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman do about a 12-hour huddle to go through the process of ranking all 248 teams, ranking the conferences, editing some of the volumes of stories that come in for Kickoff and lately, drop a new podcast on you guys. So, expect to hear some talk about who the 2016 surprise teams will be, who is expected to drop a little further down the ladder, and oh yeah, what we think about those purple powers’ chances this time around. Plus get their reaction to the news out of Susquehanna, Ithaca and Christopher Newport.

The Around the Nation Podcast is a weekly conversation (monthly in the offseason) between Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan covering the wide range of Division III football. It drops on Monday morning weekly throughout the season, starting on Labor Day.

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Frostburg State athletics file photo
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