ATN podcast: 2 times 1 equals 8

These notes have been on Pat’s desk most of the season and they’ll still come in handy this week.

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We know there are people who don’t want to hear it but Saturday really is a bright point for the rest of Division III football. You know, the 99% of us who can’t lay claim to the term Purple Powers. But with Mount Union and UW-Whitewater needing two one-point games to reach their eighth Stagg Bowl meeting, it should be clear that the two are very close to the pack, and that the “six-pack” of teams at the top we were talking about earlier this season who were all capable of winning the title were in fact capable of doing so.

Keith McMillan and Pat Coleman tell about the facts, though, not just the theory. Keith was in Alliance and can speak to the snow and the momentum and the great plays and great substitutions, while the game in Texas comes down to one very curious play call. That and more (Gagliardi Trophy, tailgating) will be discussed in this week’s podcast.

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Plus there’s more from Alliance in the Postgame show:

6 thoughts on “ATN podcast: 2 times 1 equals 8

  1. Congrats to both North Central & Mount Union for a thrilling NCAA Semi-Final game!

    Good Luck Mount Union Purple Raiders in the 2014 Stagg Bowl!

  2. Will Mount be able to score 40 plus or will UWW “D” be able to slow them down? Looks like good weather for the game Friday.

    Do not know if UWW will be able to score enough points to win the game. Mount is good at stopping the run this year. Mount will give up some points but if UWW falls behind early it good be a long game

  3. This will be a close game. UMHB kept UWW under 100 on the ground so I don’t think UWW can get much as far as the ground game. But, if they can hold MU passing game they have a shot. They held UMHB to 53 yards in the air and that was the difference, along with the passing game.

    I wonder what would have happened if #40 would have caught the wide open pass in the end zone with a little over 3 min remaining. And if we would have went for it on 4th down instead of kicking the FG. Anyone out there agree with that decision? Besides WW fans!!

  4. Pat and Keith thanks for all the wonderful PODCAST’s, you guy’s did a fabulous job all year. I love the new words every week. Thanks to all DIII football teams for their excellent play and sportsmanship. The Stagg Bowl will be a great one to watch. No matter who wins between MUC and UWW they earned it. Thanks for a great season.

  5. We had the wind and WW backed up in their own end zone and would had 3 timeouts if we failed to score. Just don’t get it, not a logical decision. Oh! well, hats off to WW, hope they can win it all. I pick WW to win, 28-21. Go Hawks

  6. That was a bad call to kick the FG! It cost them a trip to the Stagg!! Worst case was UWW had the ball on the 3.

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